Beauty Discoveries That Should Be on Your Radar

Beauty Discoveries That Should Be on Your Radar

Keeping up with my recent mood toward a more minimalistic approach to beauty, I’m excited to share with you these few beauty items that have been on my radar these days. Some of them are actual beauty products, some of them are rather beauty tools and services. One thing I know for sure: these things make my life so much easier and fun.

Tarte Lash Curler

Since switching to a more natural everyday makeup look, I wanted to invest in a new lash curler. My previous one by Kevyn Aucoin has been in my makeup bag for a few years now and survived multiple rubber replacements. And while it was still capable of doing the job done, it stopped looking presentable. 

I switched to Tarte Eyelash Curlier that came in a set with one of my favorite mascaras of all time (Tarte Lash. Camera. Lashes Mascara) and I immediately fell for it. I found it easier to hold, not to mention that this curlier features softer rubbers. It’s also aesthetically so me — which inspires me to curl my lashes more often.

Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Palette

This summer has been a trouble for me to find a perfect everyday eyeshadow palette. I brought with me to the Hamptons a nude palette by Huda Beauty and used it so much that eventually, I became sick of it. I also found myself picking only a few shades I kept coming back to — so why bringing an entire 18-shades palette? Not to mention that glittery shades from that palette kept leaving glitter dust all over my makeup bag.

I went on a beauty hunt and found this stunning 4-shades palette by Charlotte Tilbury. Well, in all honesty, I did use her eyeshadow palette before but that one fell off (on my white fur rug, can you imagine?) and broke and I never had a chance to pick a new one. Now is the time I guess! And with neutral “earthy” shades that come into our wardrobe this fall, The Dolce Vita palette is very timely. It features 4 shades of super wearable, warm and luxurious shades that look perfectly bronzy for both day and nighttime.

Beauty Discoveries That Make Me Happy

Good Janes Kiss My Lash Mirror

This one is about lashes too — can you see that I’m a bit obsessed with accentuating my eyes these days? Basically, it’s a triangulated mirror that allows you to see your lashes from three dimensions while you are applying your mascara or falsies. Girls, what a difference this mirror makes! First of all, it’s so much easier to apply your mascara and cover with it with the product both from top and bottom (we are talking about upper lashes here).

If you happen to have shaky hands that day (hey, fellow coffee-all-day lover!) it’s much easier to fix your mascara application mistakes. Usually, when my mascara smudges, it’s near my upper lashes — and it’s hard to see that area once mascara is already applied. But with this mirror, you can reach that area with your cutip with no trouble at all — so your entire eye makeup look is saved.

By the way, let me throw a mascara tip here! If you happen to smudge your mascara after your eye makeup is done, use dry cutip (no makeup remover or putting the cutip in your mouth, please!) to fix the problem. That way, you can slightly “move” the smudge without compromising your eyeshadow and liner.

Powder Gel (at a nail salon) + Essie Gel Couture in Fairy Tailor

If you are watching my Stories, you probably noticed that I’ve been back to longer nails lately. But as opposed to using at-home press-ons I switched to a new (for me) salon procedure called powder gel. Basically, it’s a less invasive nail extensions technology when the technician doesn’t use a UV-lamp (which are potentially harmful for your health)  to dry your nails.

Instead, everything is happening with the help of fast-trying “powder gel.” It goes this way: the technician applies tip nails (could be done on your natural nails too). Then, some sort of clear polish — and then puts your nail in a jar with powder gel. The gel dries off on your nail and after some shaping and buffing, you are ready to go!

The best part of this method compared to your typical gel tips is that you can easily change your nail polish. I’ve been picking a more square nail shape lately (as these are easier to type with) and a nude nail polish shade. My current favorite is Essie Gel Couture in Fairy Tailor. It’s neutral and if used with a topcoat that comes with a set, your nails are shining and look so natural!

Wink Repair CBD Lip Scrub

Oh, fall season! Don’t know about you but my lips are feeling autumn coming a mile away. Meaning, the moment the temperature starts to change, chapped lips are here with me. I wrote extensively about my favorite lip balms and will not touch on this topic in detail here but what I need to tell you about is this new delicious CBD-based scrub.

Guys, it makes such a difference! I apply it just a few times per week before going to bed and then smooth a good amount of lip butter after. And wake up in the morning with the softest lips ever! Usually, I was not a fan of lip scrubs but this one I highly recommend as it makes all the difference for my chapped lips situation.

* * * * *

I didn’t plan it that way but a lot of my current beauty discoveries have to do with eye makeup and it’s application. If you are on the same page lately, I hope these new cool tools and products were helpful for you. Please let me know in the comments what are some of your recent beauty finds — let’s discuss why you love them so much!

Beauty Discoveries That Should Be on Your Radar