Beauty Empties: January 2018

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Let’s be honest: I test so many products on a daily basis that I rarely have a chance to finish any of them. When it happens though, I know that the products are top notch—otherwise, they would have been replaced with one of the many products in my beauty collection. I was thinking that it would be fun for you to learn what are some of the products that I used till the last drop. This post is the first of my series “Beauty Empties” that I plan on sharing with you monthly. I hope you enjoy this new addition to our editorial calendar!

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF Serum // That’s the best Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid serum that I’ve ever tried in my life (and I never make such bold statements at least it’s my holy grail product)! It has a thin consistency that immediately absorbs into the skin making it smoother and softer in a matter of seconds. I always feel the difference if I forgot to use this product before my moisturizer and sunscreen—my skin look so much duller without it!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam // I’ve been a long-term fan of the Advanced Night Repair Line and this cleanser really stands out for me. It features a gentle, luxuriously feeling formula that I used even when my skin was irritated. It removes mascara, it doesn’t make your skin feel dry, it provides just enough foam—in my book, that’s all I need from a perfect cleanser!

Dr. Jart Water Fuse Ultimate Hydro Gel // If you have dehydrated and acne-prone skin like mine, this cream will literally save your life! I’ve never been a fan of gel moisturizers, but this one doesn’t feel like one—it’s so soft and fast absorbing that I would compare its texture to the whipped cream. What it does even better than your typical moisturizer though is provide your skin with much-needed hydration, but without clogging your pores of leaving your skin feel sticky.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Moisturizer UV SPF 30 // That’s actually the third jar I used up in 2017! I traveled quite a lot and it’s such a perfect all-in-one kind of product. It gently moisturizes skin, doesn’t clog pores or causes irritations, feels so smooth while applying and provides great sun protection. From all the sunscreens I love, this one is the most gentle and pleasant to use—no itching or white cast look after applying it!

Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Sleeping Mask // I’ve been raving about this mask for so long that you probably already know it: from all the hundreds of masks I tried, this overnight mask is my absolute favorite. You apply it at night with a brush that comes in a set and wake up the next morning with the softest skin you’ve ever had! If you struggle with dry skin in winter, that’s the product I can’t recommend enough. Use it as a finishing step of your skincare routine a few times a week and you will notice how your skin transforms!

La Prairie Line Interception Power Duo // I finished this two-in-one product this summer, but didn’t want to throw it our because the bottle looked so stylish and chic! LOL I had this day and night cream packed in one, two-sided bottle, while in the Hamptons—and my skin was glowing from all the anti-aging goodness it contains!

Fresh Crème Ancienne Eye Cream // If you love thicker eye cream formulas, this product is a really good one to try! It’s reach, deeply nourishing, and wrinkle smoothing—everything that you could possibly need in the age-delaying eye cream. By the way, I was excited to learn that this product is handmade in a monastery!

Avene Thermal Water // I used so many of them, I can’t even count! Basically, every time my skin touches tap water, I spritz my entire face with thermal water to restore the pH balance. I believe that such approach especially great if you have dry skin—thermal water is known for so many healing properties (including treating eczema!) that I would never stop using it!

Soap & Glory The Righteous Very Dry Skin Formula Body Butter // All the body moisturizer forgetters, please try this product! I take a shower twice a day and if I use this deliciously smelling body butter at night, I don’t need to moisturize in the morning. It’s so rich, so pleasant while applying, and so nourishing. By far, that’s the best drugstore body butter I’ve tried in a while!

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Unscented // I use this product exclusively during the warm season as it features a thinner, fast absorbing formula. To say that this body butter feels luxurious on your skin is to say nothing! It’s like a cloud of goodness that hugs your skin and makes it super soft and pleasant to touch!

Maui Moisture Agave Hair Mask // From all the hair masks I tried recently, this drugstore product really stands out. It features a thinner formula than the majority of other hair masks I have in my collection, but it’s more nourishing and healing than many others I tried. I love its gentle tropical scent and the way how easy it is to rinse off. Overall, if you are looking for a great drugstore hair mask, it’s such a great one to try!

Eye Candy Body Mist // I received this body spray two years ago and I’ve been using it as a bathroom freshener ever since. I know, it’s weird to even admit, but from all the candles and home perfumes out there, that’s the one that I enjoy the most. In fact, I’m such a fan of this scent that I just repurchased an entire gift set featuring this product. Send help, I’m totally addicted!

* * * * *

There you have it: my first list of beauty empties that I truly enjoyed. You probably noticed that there are no makeup products on this list and it’s because my makeup collection is way too over-crowded to ever run out of a product. But I recently did a major decluttering project where I got rid of 50% of my stack. I wonder if you’d love to read a post where I explain some of the tips and tricks that I use to organize my makeup collection? If so, please leave your request in the comments area below and I’d be delighted to cover this topic on the blog!