Beauty Empties: March 2018

This time around I have much more empties than I expected and I happened to love each and every one of the products mentioned. Well, I guess this statement was not even necessary as I used every last drop of these beauty goodies. Let’s dig into February-March empties and see which products I’ve used up lately.

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

If there is one hair product I’ve been raving the most on the blog for the last… I don’t know… 2 years? It’s this scrub shampoo by Christophe Robin. The product is pricey but considering that you literally need a half teaspoon for my hair length, it will last you for about a year if used once a week. This formula would be perfect for all the dry shampoo addicts out there who need to deeply cleanse their scalp every once in a while. Oh, did I mention that your hair looks so much more voluminous and easy to style after using this shampoo?

Malin + Goetz Revitalizing Eye Cream

I don’t write often about eye creams on the blog—and it’s because I’m incredibly picky—but this one was just a bomb! Super hydrating, incredibly gentle, and shockingly effective. And I’m not saying it simply because my around eye area has been Botoxed to the trim for the last few years. Ever since I started 365 Masks Challenge I stopped doing Botox so I can see the effect of using a mask a day for a year. The cream does work, especially if you are struggling with dehydrated under eye skin like mine.

Dermalogica Skin Soothing Cream and Skin Hydrating Booster

If you have dry skin, you would love this combo! I’m not overly sensitive but considering how mild irritations were healed literally in a matter of hours, I would guess the cream and serum duo would be suitable for sensitive skin too. To give you a perspective on how effective this hydrating duet is, these were the only hydrating products I took with me to Europe where I took 7 flights—and my skin didn’t feel dehydrated!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

At this point, you probably already heard about this radiant finish foundation—and judging by the fact that I finished an entire bottle of it, I confirm that it delivers what promised. Beautiful, natural-looking and not drying finish that looks like your skin but glowing from within. Even though I have a massive foundations collection, I definitely will be repurchasing this one!

Vichy Purete Thermale Perfecting Toner

Thermal water products have a special place in my heart and this gentle toner is not an exception. Whether you are dry or oily, this pH balancing perfecting toner will eliminate the after washing dryness and ensure that your serum and creams glide into your skin.

L’Occitane 25% Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream

You know the gist: winter for me is intolerable as I have super dry skin on my body. Last year it was so bad that I literally had to take oatmeal baths as I couldn’t tolerate itching. This time around I use this deep moisturizer overnight and I don’t even need to appt anything after my morning shower—and my skin is moist and glowing all over my body!

Herbacin Wellness Hand Cream in Wild Rose

I raved about this hand lotion brand back in a day, when I just started my blog. Even though this particular creme features a different formula, nothing has changed in terms of cream’s deeply hydrating properties. I love the tiny packaging of the product that makes it so convenient to bring this cream with me while on-the-go.

* * * * *

There you have it: a roundup of all the beauty products I recently finished. I wonder if you found any of your favorites on this list? If so, please let me know in the comments!