The Only Beauty Set You Need This Holiday Season

Space NK x Nordstrom Holiday Gift Set 2017 Review 2

I don’t know about you, but for me, holiday gift sets are a hit or miss. While I love all the extra love that goes into creating holiday-themed packages and all the products selected for each set, oftentimes I end up using just a fraction of the products included. Whether it’s a wrong shade or a product designed for a different skin type, holiday beauty sets have never been a great investment for me… Until I found the new limited-edition holiday set by Space NK created in collaboration with Nordstrom. The set is called Space NK Holiday Heroes Silver Edition Collection Limited Edition and it’s the only beauty gift set that I believe every luxury skincare and makeup lover needs in her collection. In this post, I’ll go deep into reviewing each product to explain why.

Let’s start with the general details though. This Nordstrom exclusive holiday gift set contains the most hyped beauty products that you probably heard about so many times. From the trendy Good Genes by Sunday Riley to the cult Eve Lom Cleanser – there are no products in the kit that were added just because. Based on my personal experience with this beautifully curated set, you will use each and every product it includes. The best part about it all is that by purchasing this limited edition set you are actually saving so much money. Think about it this way: a jar of Good Genes goes for $105 and if you go for a set you receive 7 products (some of them are full-size products) for $99. Not a bad deal, right? Well, wait until we go into what type of products are included!

Space NK x Nordstrom Holiday Gift Set 2017 - Review

Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment // If you haven’t heard about this skincare gem, you are really missing out! I started using this Lactic Acid treatment daily a few months ago and I literally noticed the difference it makes to my skin overnight. And it’s not an exaggeration at all! My pores looked so smaller and the overall texture of the skin appeared so smooth – not to mention that my skin looked as plumed and hydrated as never before! These days I can’t imagine my life without this fantastic treatment and I can’t recommend it enough.

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty The Volume Mascara // This award-winning mascara was the only product in the set that I haven’t tested before but after just one application I realized why it’s such a cult product. At first glance, it looks like your typical lower lash mascara – with a tiny applicator that helps to reach even the tiniest lashes on the inner corners of your eyes. As it turned out, the mascara offers much more than just emphasizing the lower lash line. When applied to your lashes, it not only perfectly separates the lashes and adds volume, but also noticeable lengthens your lashes. Another interesting fact about this product is that it’s easy to remove with water. However, when you do so the mascara removes like it was made out of rubber… It’s hard to explain, but it comes out in pieces rather than smudging raccoon eyes style which is perfect if you prefer removing your makeup while taking a shower. Even though I have a few other tubes of luxury mascaras open, I can’t stop using this particular one – and it’s definitely one of my absolute favorite products of the moment.

Smith & Cult Glass Souls Nail Lacquer // You all know about my obsession with all things Smith & Cult and their nail polishes are my absolute favorite. Not only they last on my nails longer than any other polish, but you could also use them as décor pieces – because the packaging design is phenomenal! I don’t know about last year, but last holiday season glitter shades by Smith & Cult were impossible to find – so it’s super handy to have one included in the set since it’s possible that this shade will be sold out everywhere else. Also, how festive is this silver glitter shade? I tried applying it both on bare nails and on top of dark-colored nail polish shades and it looks so stunning!

Space NK x Nordstrom Holiday Gift Set 2017 - Review

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray // That’s another all-time favorite of mine that I’ve been raving about for years. I call this magic hair product “my 3-in-1” as it not only adds a visible amount of texture and volume to my straight flat hair and smells like a luxury fragrance, but also somehow helps with oiliness. I know that’s not how you supposed to use this texturizing product, but I apply it all over my hair for added volume and a hair-do protection and it always helps to dramatically improve my hair situation. I also particularly enjoy a travel size of this hair product as it’s convenient to have in my bag at all times, even when I’m traveling. One travel-size can of this texturizing spray lasts me for a few weeks so if you never tried this product, this set is a great opportunity to do so.

By Terry Baume de Rose Crystalline Mini // For years, I’ve been loving the classic Baume de Rose which comes in a round jar, but this lip gloss style packaging is much more convenient. With this new improved packaging, you don’t need to have a pack of tissues with you for when you need to re-apply your lip balm. You just go straight with the applicator and enjoy the smoothest, plumpest lips of your life! The product features a classic By Terry scent which I’d describe as creamy rose – and offers a shiny, not-sticky coverage with a subtle rosy tint to it. I personally love it so much!

Space NK x Nordstrom Holiday Gift Set 2017 - Review

Lipstick Queen Medieval Lipstick // As you already know, I have a huge collection of Lipstick Queen lip products as this brand offers the most unique lipstick finishes I’ve ever tested. Somehow, I didn’t have this gorgeous berry red shade in my collection, but when I tried it I loved it. The lipstick provides a very natural but glittery coverage that is so perfect for everyday wear. It feels comfortable on the lips and comes in a cute packaging.

Eve Lom Cleanser // If you wear makeup and you have dry skin, you would love this cult cleanser! The product requires a specific application: you need to massage it on dry skin (including the eye area) and then you a wet fabric cloth to remove the product from the skin. There is something very relaxing about this application process that turns your regular makeup removing routine into a truly luxurious ritual.

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There you have it: a detailed review of the Nordstrom’s exclusive Space NK Holiday Heroes Silver Edition Collection Limited Edition. I hope you found it helpful! Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions about each product from the set. Also if you are planning on picking this set up, I highly recommend doing it ASAP as this deal is too good to be missed!