Beauty Wars: butterElixir vs Jurlique Lip Balm

Comparison butterElixir vs Jurlique Lip Balm

I’m always on a hunt for a natural lip balm as it’s a kind of a product that I re-apply all the time. What I care the most in my lip balm is the ingredient list. Since I’m literally eating this product all day long, I want it to be as organic and clean as it could possibly get. Recently, I tested two highly rated lip products, butterElixir Lip and Jurlique Rose Love Balm, and I’d like to compare these in today’s episode of the Beauty Wars series.

The Package: I’m not a fan of both products packaging, as it requires applying the balm with your finger. Such poor design requires you to have a tissue on hand every time you apply the balm, which is not convenient.

The Scent: Jurlique contains fragrance and natural Rose oil in its ingredient list. The butterElixir lip product has a more herbal scent, but it doesn’t contain any unnatural fragrances.

The Finish: butterElixir balm provides just a bit of shine and overall looks matte while Jurlique Love Balm gives a more shiny finish.

The Hydration Factor: These products provide a similar level of hydration to my lips. Yet, please keep in mind that I tested these products during the warm season so I have no idea if these are equally good during winter.

Durability: I felt like I needed to re-apply Jurlique lip balm more often than the one by butterElixir.

Ingredients: With the exception of beeswax, butterElixir features all natural oils in its ingredients list. Contrary, Jurlique product contains a whole list of natural and not so natural ingredients that I regretted putting on my lips.

Beauty Wars butterElixir vs Jurlique Lip Balm

Animal Testing: butterElixir product are not tested on animals. When it comes to Jurlisque, it’s difficult to figure out about their animal testing policies. Based on this blog post, it seems like the company tastes its products on humans. Yet the brand cannot guarantee that the ingredients they are purchasing from abroad have not been tested on animals.

The Vegan Factor: Both products feature beeswax among major components, which makes them not vegan-friendly. Read this post to learn why beeswax is not vegan.

Manufacturing: Jourlisque lip balm is made in Australia while butterElixir is manufactured in the U.S.

Price: butterElixir Lip Balm goes for $12 (0.3 oz package), Jurlique Rose Love Balm is priced $10 (0.5 oz).

The Verdict: None of them. The inconvenient packaging and doubtful ingredient list make me think that I should find another product to use on a daily basis. I’d love to hear if you have any recommendations!

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  • thefashionfolks

    Always seem to be on a constant hunt after a perfect natural lip balm too! Currently loving Burt’s Bees products, but nope, haha they’re not vegan friendly unfortuantely but does wonder for the lip! Xx

    • I totally agree – some of their products are phenomenal, but no vegan factor makes it impossible for me to use it. I have a few new products I’m testing this week – I’ll keep you posted if I found a perfect vegan lip balm! Meanwhile, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! xoxo

  • I use Burt’s Bees. I don’t like balms I have to apply with my fingers.

  • Fabulous post! I actually like applying balms with my fingers. Annoying that it’s so hard to find vegan products!!


    • I agree: vegan lip balm market is something beauty companies should really explore and there is almost no competition. I’d love to see more vegan products in the stores!

  • I have not read any reviews on both lip balms before so this is such a refreshing read. Thank you, Katya and I think I’ll stick to my idea of purchasing Nuxe lip balm.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Yep, there is definitely a room to explore. Lip balm is such an essential piece for me — I want it to be perfect! Perfectly organic, well moisturizing, and just fun to play with. I have a few more lip products I’m currently testing – hopefully I’ll find a really good one. I’ll keep you posted! xoxo