BeautyCon Fall Box: Review & Tutorial

BeautyCon Box: Review & Tutorial

I’m sure you guys heard about the BeautyCon box many times before—so many YouTubers are leaving raving reviews on this quarterly beauty subscription service. But it was not until I received my first BeautyCon box myself (thank you, BeautyCon, for this exciting opportunity!) when I realized that it was by far the best box I’ve ever received.

You know, when brands are saying that their box is “curated” in my skeptical mind, I’m always thinking, “Okay, aren’t all of them are supposed to be curated?” But when it comes to the BeautyCon Box, you can really feel that there was a lot of thought and planning behind this box. With exception of just one product (the tanning product as I never use a fake tan), I love and use all of the products in this box curated by @MakeupShayla and Angel Merino until this moment.

In fact, the OFRA lipstick from the set even made into my October favorites! So if you ask me, the BeautyCon box is really worth the buck and I would definitely recommend subscribing to it without any delay! Especially because you can get a $5 off the box with the code KATYAFALL (hurry up as the offer expired on November 30, 2016).

BeautyCon Box: Review & Tutorial

Okay, now when you are all excited about the box, let’s see what you are actually getting in the fall 2016 BeautyCon box:

#1: Flutter Lashes—iSlay Lashes. This is a limited edition of falsies created in collaboration with YouTuber and Instagrammer @MakeupShayla. I really loved this set and wore it at least five times in real life and on the blog (for instance, here).

#2: DUO—Lash Adhesive. It’s my absolute favorite lash glue which explains why I forgot to include it in the shot! LOL I’ve been using it with this and other sets of falsies non-stop ever since I received it in my BeautyCon box.

#3: Jouer—Essential Lip Enhancer. During the cold season, my lips are really struggling and this lip product by Jouer is one of the things that helps to recover my lips. I actually already tried and used two tubes of the same product before and it’s definitely one of the items I would recommend.

#4: Luxie Beauty—Luxie Large Angled 504 Brush. That’s the second Luxie brush in my collection and I do like it a ton! Not only this brush is the softest, it also comes in a cute light pink shade which is always a major score in my book.

#5: OFRA Cosmetics—Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick. This product is a gold standard in the world of liquid lipsticks, that is why it made it into my October favorites post. I just love it so much!

BeautyCon Box: Review & Tutorial

#6: Milani Cosmetics—Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow. This is a perfect base or transition shade for fall! While I do not often use individual eye shadows, I come back to this particular one all the time as it’s neutral enough to match absolutely every makeup look!

#7: Simple®—Cleansing Facial Wipes: These are super soft and not irritating for my sensitive skin, not to mention high-performers when it comes to removing makeup. Usually, I’m not a fan of cleansing wipes, but I will definitely repurchase these ones.

#8: Mystic Tan—Mocha-Kyssed Bronzer Lotion. This was the only product that I didn’t use as I never tan so there is nothing to review here.

#9: TheBrow Gal Highlighter Pencil by Tonya Crooks. This is a duo product that includes a gold highlighter and a concealer. While the concealer was a bit too dark for my pale skin, I had a good use of the highlighter side—it’s so pigmented and it’s really great at reflecting the light.

#10: Laser Kitten—Sweetheart Lipstick Pin. Isn’t it adorable? I immediately attached it to my denim jacket and it looks so cute!

#11: Sugarfina—Sugar Lips. Ben said these were delicious and I loved how these look in photos.

#12: Shayla & Angel Sticker Kit. I mean, how cute are those? Namaslay and #SlayAllDay? I love it!

BeautyCon Box: Review & Tutorial

My overall impression is that the box was full of products that you can actually use, not to mention all of the cute additions like stickers and a pin that you might not think about, but could definitely use and love. When it comes to makeup, I was very satisfied with the selection, especially because this box was mostly about makeup and not hair products as many other beauty subscription boxes do (I can’t even explain how many hair products I currently have in my collection! I would rather have that much makeup though!). In other words, I’m highly satisfied with the products in the BeautyCon box set and it’s something that I would definitely continue using.

Another thing that I love about this box is that you can create an entire look using the products from this box. Read up as I’ll be explaining step-by-step as I created my fall makeup using the goodies from the BeautyCon box.

BeautyCon Box: Review & Tutorial

Step 0: I already applied my foundation and filled in my brows so this tutorial doesn’t take forever. In case you wonder, I used L’Oreal Irresistible Pro-Matte Foundation and EWC Strut Boldly Brow Powder.

Step 1: Start by applying a lip balm on your lips. Since we’ll be using a liquid lipstick, it’s crucial that your lips are well hydrated and smooth.

Step 2: Pick your favorite blending brush and apply the Milani eyeshadow all over your lid.

BeautyCon Box: Review & Tutorial

Step 3: Using the BrowGal highlighter, draw the line underneath your brows and blend it with your fingertips.

BeautyCon Box Fall 2016: Review & Tutorial

Step 4: It’s time for false lashes! Using a Duo Lash Adhesive, apply the lashes that come in the box and let them sit for a second before applying a mascara.

BeautyCon Box: Review & Tutorial

Step 5: For my lover lashes, I used Lower Lash Mascara by Pixi by Petra (it didn’t come with the box). It features a miniature brush that makes it easier to cover lower lashes without any smudges.

Review: Kokie Professional Dynamic Duo Eyeliner Pen

Step 6: I used an another makeup product that didn’t come in the box, Kokie Professional Dynamic Duo Eyeliner Pen to create a winged line on my lids. Since I decided to wear falsies, I opted in for a thicker side of the pen.

Review: Rosy Radiance palette by Pixi by Petra

Step 7: Using a Luxie brush that comes in the BeautyCon box, apply a blush and a highlighter from the Rosy Radiance palette by Pixi by Petra (it’s a new product and I’m really addicted to it).

BeautyCon Box: Review & Tutorial

Step 8: Use the Simple Cleansing wipes to remove the lip balm you had on your lips (see Step 1).

BeautyCon Box: Review & Tutorial

Step 9: Apply the OFRA liquid lipstick and you are all set.

BeautyCon Box Fall 2016: Review & Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed my review and a tutorial of the fall edition of a BeautyCon box. Please let me know in the comments area below if you ever tried or consider trying this box. Also, don’t forget to use the discount code (KATYAFALL) if you opt in for this awesome box as it will save you 5% of your order.

  • Beautiful make-up! I love the soft shade of the lipstick and blush.

  • I’m one of the few people who have never heard of this box so I’m glad I read this review!

  • I love your eyebrows. I don’t tweeze mine or anything, but maybe I should, I also like how you make your lashes look longer.

    • Thank you so much, Heather! I love your natural brows so much and I wish I could get back to my natural shape. Unfortunately, I need to tweeze mine as they are not very symmetrical.

      If you ask me, I would recommend trying to fill your brows in. You don’t really need to tweeze yours, just add a bit more color if you wish and it will create the exact same effect! If you decide to give it a try, please let me know!

      Have a lovely day, dear!

  • I’ve heard great things about the Beautycon box. Although I’ve seen some unboxings, this is the first time anyone has also showed how they’ve used the products on themselves. Great idea.

    • Awww thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I tried to do something new for you guys so I decided why not combining unboxing with first impressions and a tutorial? Personally, I loved working on this post so much and I really appreciate your support with this new post format!

  • I don’t do lots of box subscriptions. I’ve actually only done one but if I were into makeup besides special occassions I would look into this one.

    • I have a bit different approach and I subscribe to every single box you can think of. In my opinion, it’s such a great way to explore new makeup and beauty products!

  • The products in this box will be so much fun to try new things with. I love the look you put together with what you found!

  • Nicole Cochingco Escat

    You look gorgeous! I really love your eyebrow and your eyes are really beautiful.

  • ThatGeekyGirlfriend

    This entire look turned out amazing. I love BeautyCon but this box was kind of a losing situation for me. I love the Luxie brush but already had it, and the other stuff seemed way more ‘glam girl’ than I feel or like on myself.

    • I do understand your point, dear! Agreed: the falsies might be a bit too glam, but in my opinion the rest of the box is pretty versatile. For instance, the Milani eyeshadow is very neutral and I’m wearing it as my everyday eyeshadow (in fact, I don’t even combine it with anything else – just as is).

      When it comes to the Luxie brush, perhaps, try gifting it to someone? It’s such a great brush, I think it would be a great holiday present!

      Also, I’ve heard that their winter box is always phenomenal — did you you have a chance to try any of those? If so please let me know – I really look forward to receive a winter box!

  • Eileen Mendoza Loya

    I am not much of a make up person but I love how you used all the products and it looked good on you! The eye make up is awesome! I’m sharing this with my daughter. She’ll be thrilled to have a Beautycon box!

    • Awww you are so sweet, Eileen! I hope your daughter enjoys this box too! Personally, I use each and every item from this box which is a very great sign. Well, except for the candy. The candy is gone! ?

  • I love the contents of the box especially the liquid lipstick. The color is just lovely and the pigmentation, ah-mazing!

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