BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Toppers – Review and Swatches

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Toppers - Review and Swatches - 6

Having a huge collection of bright colored lipsticks, I rarely purchase any lip glosses, but when I saw BECCA launching their limited edition Liquid Crystal Lip Toppers, I immediately purchased the entire collection. Even before I saw any reviews or swatches online! Why? Easy: these lip glosses are so sparkly that I simply could not resist! I also figured that sparkly lips would work great combined with my other unicorn-inspired makeup products: sparkly eyeshadows by Tarte and a rainbow highlighter by the same brand. BECCA lip toppers did not disappoint: even though these are a bit difficult to see in photos, in real life they look elegantly shiny and so beautiful!


“Inspired by raw gemstones melted into liquid form, kaleidoscopic pearls shift shades as they catch the light to take every lip look to the next level. Each shade features a custom mix of unique pearls blended together to create a multi-dimensional finish that flatters all skin tones. The conditioning lip gloss formula is infused with a luxurious coconut and vanilla scent and enriched with nurturing ingredients that leave lips feeling lavishly soft and smooth” (as described by Sephora).


Each lip topper goes for $22; for that amount, you receive 0.17 oz / 5 g of a product which is less product for a higher price compared to Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss and Anastasia Beverly Hills Shimmer Lip Gloss.


Each lip topper comes in a see-through tube with a brown plastic lid topped with a silver BECCA logo. While the packaging looks beautiful on photos, thanks to its sparkly content, these lip toppers are difficult to store. Since both bottom and top of the tube are round, you can only store them laying flat or in clear plastic containers (where the tubes are facing sideways as the bottom part of the tube is not flat).


According to BECCA, these lip toppers are infused with nourishing ingredients that ensure that your lips are soft and smooth. While these lip glosses do not moisturize your lips as deeply as your typical lip balm, I did not feel the need to use a chapstick underneath them as these lip products indeed did not make my lips dry. In my experience, many glitter lip toppers have a watery finish to them (which indicates that they contain alcohol in their formula), but BECCA lip toppers are different. They feel like a typical medium-sticky lip gloss that nevertheless does not make your lips dry.

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Toppers - Review and Swatches


There are six shades in this lip topper line, all featuring sparkly, liquid crystal style coverage and a lip gloss texture. All the shades in the photo above, from left to right:

  • Opal x Jade — Golden opal pearl with a teal sapphire shift
  • Rose Quartz x Seashell — Rose with a hot pink shift
  • Amethyst x Geode — Lavender duo-chrome with an aquamarine shift
  • Topaz x Gilt — Golden bronze with a soft emerald shift
  • Pearl x Gold — Creamy pearl with a golden shift
  • Champagne Dream x Bellini — Soft peach with a rose gold shift


I never expect lip toppers to be long-lasting (because these are not designed to do so), and these Liquid Crystal Lip Toppers acted like your typical lip gloss regarding the longevity of wear.


Lip toppers are tasteless. When applied, you don’t feel any glitter on top of your lips if you touch it.


Each lip topper features a different, slightly chemical scent that stopped bothering me after a few moments after application.

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Toppers - Review and Swatches


The packaging features a standard doe-foot applicator which makes it easier to distribute the sparkles across your lips. Personally, I’m not a big fan of brush applicators for lip glosses as in my opinion these are incompatible with glitter-infused products, so I’m very much satisfied with the applicator of these lip toppers.


You can wear these lip toppers individually or on top of a lipstick. I tested each shade on top of the Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipstick in #540 Peach Buff, and for the majority of lip toppers, you could barely see the difference in shades. My lips look a bit more sparkly, and that is it. Perhaps, the situation is a bit different with brighter shades of lipstick, but I thought that the majority of people would pair lip toppers with nude lipsticks, and the reality is that the glosses do not show up different. Perhaps, it’s a good thing as all you need is just one shade from the collection, but if not, you might be disappointed.

When it comes to applying directly onto lips, the shade difference is much more noticeable. My lips are naturally pale so for the most of the part I could wear just a lip topper, and it already looks like a combo of a lipstick and a gloss on top of it.

When it comes to the wearability of each shade, all of the lip toppers except Topaz x Gilt are everyday look friendly. In fact, as of lately I always have at least one of these lip toppers in my bag as I love updating my lipstick throughout the day with these sparkly lip glosses. Again, it’s probably related to my natural lip color and overall complexion, but I felt that this brown undertone lip topper with light blue glitter in it just doesn’t work for my skin tone. It looks beautiful when swatched, but it’s just not my fav.

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Toppers - Review and Swatches


The sparkles are real—I’m obsessed with the shine these lip toppers provide. Love the non-drying formula and ease of application.


These lip toppers are not visible if applied on top of nude lipstick. I’m not a fan of their scent. The packaging design makes them difficult to store.

The Verdict

If you are a fan of Champagne Pop, you will enjoy these lip toppers as they provide just enough sparkle to make a highlighter addict happy. However, this limited edition collection is not a ride or die kind of a product. It’s great to have in your collection, especially for summer, but most likely it will not become as iconic as the Champagne Pop.

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BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Toppers Swatches

Topaz x Gilt
(golden brown with light blue sparkles)

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Topaz x Gilt Review Swatch

Rose Quartz x Seashell
(apricot pink base with light pink sparkles)

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Rose Quartz x Seashell

Pearl x Gold
(clear base with gold sparkles)

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Pearl x Gold Review Swatch

Amethyst x Geode
(light pink base with light blue sparkles)

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Amethyst x Geode

Champagne Dream x Bellini
(apricot beige base with pink sparkles)

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Champagne Dream x Bellini

Opal x Jade
(pink beige base with amethyst green sparkles)

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Opal x Jade