Bedroom Makeover

Even though I didn’t plan to do it specifically for Valentine’s Day, I happened to have an entire bedroom makeover just in time for the holiday. I was thinking that you’ll be interested to learn what is new as well as see all the bedroom renovation photos. I wish I had proper “before” photos so you could compare how just a few adjustments dramatically change the feel of the room.

#1: The Bed Talk

Perhaps, this area of the room has been transformed the most dramatically. For years, we used to have a duvet cover, pillows, and the sheets in dark burgundy and blue shades. I never really paid attention to the color theme I use in my apartment until I became obsessed with all things pink—both in wardrobe and interior.

I picked this light pink duvet set and matching pillows to throw on the bed for during the day and the entire vibe of the room has changed. Then, I decided to add a few accent pillows so I ordered these fuzzy light pink pillows to the mix so there are different textures involved.

After it happened, I figured that our current sheets no longer match so I picked a few additional sheet sets—diamond pattern set that you see in these photos and another floral (you can find it here). I also updated our bed skirt with this white ruffle one—it perfectly matches curtains in our living room and the office. I’m actually thinking of putting on the same curtains in the bedroom too—so the entire apartment is completely matching.

#2: The Art Situation

Previously, we didn’t have any art in the bedroom. Honestly, I always had this unexplainable fear that if I put a painting above the bed it will most definitely fall on me while sleeping. So we never actually had any artworks hanging. And then I found these pretty peony prints on Minted (single flower and peony palette) and I immediately had the idea on how to incorporate them into my bedroom design.

I was thinking, why not put them on the night tables? That way, the artworks add symmetry to the room and bring just enough color so the bedroom no longer looks boring. As you probably already know from my previous post about Minted, they have an entire team of artists from across the world so there are all sorts of styles and materials you could pick from.

I wanted specifically something floral because we just ordered a huge floral piece for the living room and I wanted to stick to the same concept. I also feel that flowers (and peonies specifically) are just so universally beautiful and at the same time neutral so they would work for any location.

#3: Let’s Decorate

Finally, I added a few pieces here and there to make the bedroom even more cozy and special. I don’t know about you, but I love scented candles so I made sure to add a few of my favorite ones to the room. Not only these make the room smell delicious (in a non-irritating way as strong scents in the bedroom actually disrupt your sleep), but also look adorable. I put my favorite candles in glass and gold vases and added a cute pink tray to put my phone at night.

Talking about scents, a bedroom is where I display the Infinite Roses that I received from Only Roses. This beautifully designed luxury floral set doesn’t require any water and lasts for a year. Without a doubt, that’s the most elegant and unique floral gift I ever received and seeing it every day I’m waking up is such pleasure!

I also added a few light strings in case we want to see in bed and watch a movie with your miniature movie projector. We reflect it on the opposite wall and a regular light is a bit too bright to see the reflection crisp.

* * * * *

There you have it: a breakdown of all things that I changed or added to our bedroom. I hope this makeover reveal was helpful and you found a few ideas on how to re-decorate your bedroom for the holiday (or just for spring in general). I look forward to hearing your room decoration ideas in the comments!

Pinch Pleat Comforter Set in Pink // Diamond Pattern Duvet Set
Ruffle Bed Skirt // Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows
Faux Fur Pillowcase // Pillow Insert // Quilted Comforter