The Best Books I Read in 2017

StyleSprinter - The Best Books I’ve Read in 2017

One of my resolutions for this year is to find the time to read more. It’s actually a forced decision after I realized that I didn’t hit even close my last year’s goal. In between reading for college and writing for the blog, by the end of the day, I oftentimes felt so tired that I couldn’t think of seeing any more written text. Too much information indeed could become too much—for that reason, I took a semester off at college so I could come back to my inner (reading) self. After our trip to London and exploring Paris, I finally felt good enough to get back to reading for pleasure. Today, I’m sharing the list of the best books that I found last year. I wonder if you read any of them yet!

Total Recall: My Unbelievable True Life Story by Arnold Schwarzenegger // From all the books on the list, this influenced me the most. Perhaps, because I’m an immigrant too and I grew up watching Arnold’s movies. It’s more than just a memoir though! This book is a library of knowledge about self-discipline, having the right mindset for success, and accepting yourself for who you are. If you ask for just one book recommendation, that would be it!

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert // It’s one of the deepest and honest books about the struggles creative people are dealing with, from a perspective of a best-selling author. Learning about all the blocks that stand on the way to a true success, I found myself in each and every fear explained by the author. Fear of not making it, a fear of becoming pro-active, a fear of just not being good enough… If you are a writer or an artist, or you just do something creative as a side gig, consider reading this book to uncover all the fears that block your true potential and get inspired to be more creative.

The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes // This book explores the life and a story of a multiple personality disorder man who has more than 20 characters that live inside of his head. The writer takes a very creative twist on reporting about Billy Milligan’s crime from a perspective of major personalities that live in his head. It’s a fascinating read for anyone who loves psychological and crime novels.

How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell // Working in a beauty industry, it was very intriguing for me to learn the story of a former Lucky Magazine beauty editor who became addicted to prescription drugs. It’s always interesting to hear how other people see all the glamour and hard work of the beauty world, especially through the prism of an incredibly honest voice of Cat Marnell. If you are dreaming of working in fashion and beauty, consider reading this book to receive an honest insider information about the business.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari and Derek Perkins // Until reading this book, I had no idea that history could be so fascinating. The book explores all the ancient humans that inhabited Earth and explains what it truly means to be a type of a man we all are, homo sapiens. If you love educational books full of fun facts and important information, mixed with some exciting examples and stories – this book is for you.

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Of course, it’s not the entire list of the books that I’ve read, but it’s a good start for you if you are looking for a good book to start the year with. If you need more inspiration, check out my Amazon Booklist where I listed some of the most inspiring books about the beauty, fashion, and business industries that I read and loved.

I look forward to hearing what are some of the books you are currently reading. Please share your book recommendations as I really need to start working on my reading goals for 2018!