5 Thought-Provoking Books Everyone Should Read

Best Books of 2019

Maybe it’s because I launched Bow Tie Pet Club. Maybe it’s because I didn’t put “reading” on my 2019 resolutions list, but last year was not that eventful when it comes to reading. But I still managed to read a few good ones – five of them are listed below.

“Trust Me, I’m Lying” by Ryan Holiday

Mind-blowing memoir on how fake news is generated. From the times when “fake news” was actually a term. A must-read for anyone working in the media industry.

“Atomic Habits” by James Clear

Start your year with this bestseller if you are planning on changing your habits in 2020. The idea is simple: strive to improve 1% each time – and you are golden.

“Catch and Kill” by Ronan Farrow

An in-depth investigation of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse of women. Spectacular book for so many reasons! What made it especially interesting for me as a former journalist is BTS of one of the biggest investigations that shaped our decade.

“Inside Out” by Demi Moore

The juiciest book I’ve read this year. Tragic in many places, it reminded me that what you see in media is not what’s actually happening in a person’s life. An ideal read for anyone struggling with FOMO or obsessing with creating a perfect Instagram persona.

“Zuleikha” by Guzel Yakhina

I read this one in Russian in my attempt not to forget my native language – and was truly touched by this story. As it turned out, now this bestseller is also translated in English.

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Any book recommendations? Please share in the comments!


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