Birchbox Unboxing: September 2015

Birchbox Sept 2015 Review

My Birchbox subscription continues making me happy. Even though I don’t necessarily love all the products received, I really enjoy testing them and picking my favorites. Well, today I am taking the opportunity to review my September box and tell you about my most and least favorite beauty products. Please let me know in the comments if you tried any of them before!

Wilma Schumann Hydrating Collages Eye Pads

I have a very busy lifestyle and facial masks are among my favorite tools to get my looks in place. I use different kinds of masks (mostly those that exfoliate or moisturize my skin) at least twice a week. However, there are not that many masks around that you can apply on the sensitive under the eyes area. When I tried Wilma Schumann Skin Care Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads, I was satisfied with the results as it worked exactly like a sheet Korean mask. When it comes to the experience, at fist this mask felt a little weird (like a jello?!), but I think I am okay with it as soon as my eyes look refreshed.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk - Natural Tint

My friend Nina (you probably remember her delicious Russian granola recipe) recommended me Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk – Natural Tint about a year ago, but I still didn’t have a chance to give it a try. Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I found one in my Birchbox! As expected, it was a good one. The product absorbed the oil without making my hair less smooth than usually. Another good thing is that this dry shampoo didn’t leave any white marks on my hair. It is definitely a good one and I will be repurchasing it once I am done with a mini version.

ModelCo Ultra Long-Lasting Lipstick Trio

Even though the color of ModelCo Ultra Long-Lasting Lipstick – Kitty was too nude for my skin tone, I really liked it’s consistency. It is not too creamy or too matte which makes it a good weekday lip product. However, the quality of the packaging was not satisfying at all. After just a couple of days living in my to-go makeup bag, the tip of the lipstick broke and I had to throw it out (too bad I almost got used to it). Probably I’m not buying this lipstick again as I don’t want to invest money into such endurable product.

Parlor by Jeff Chastain Shampoo and Conditioner

Moisturizing & Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner by Parlor by Jeff Chastain were just okay. I didn’t notice that any of those hair products made any difference to how my hair look or feel. I am much more into the hairstyling line with the brand, especially detangelling spray that I used until it was empty. The shampoo smells pleasant, but I didn’t notice any extra volume effect added to my hair. The conditioner is just okay too.

This month’s box also came with Pop Beauty Portfolio Eyeshadow Set in Sugar Plum. However, you will not see any photos or review of this product as I gifted it to someone the moment I opened the box. I will keep you posted how this one lucky person liked the pallet.

  • Kirsty Meenan

    This birch box packaging is so stunning! It would look so stunning on your vanity! Looks like a great set of products:) thanks for sharing x

  • i want to try those eye pads! xx Lita

  • GoFashiondeals

    Looks like a decent box. I got ipsy but I heard that allure has a beauty box now too I kinda want to try it

    • Katya has impeccable taste so I’m not surprised she is a fan of Birchbox!

      No offense intended to you whatsoever, but I totally *DESPISE* ipsy. The entire ipsy waitlist is a total scam designed to exploit new customers. Birchbox and Glossybox, etc. do not behave like that — so I cancelled my ipsy subscription and I wrote all about the experience on my blog to try and prevent others from getting taken advantage of.

      These sample boxes are supposed to be fun and useful, not deceitful and sketchy! Right??


      • GoFashiondeals

        No offense taken.:-) I used to get glossybox but kept getting duds, so I cancelled that subscription for a bit. I haven’t really been terribly disappointed by ipsy. I pretty much ignore the emails about waiting list etc..I keep seeing some pretty good things about birchbox. 🙂

        • Yeah, I hear you, I think I will probably pause my Glossybox after my year is up. I’ve got catching up to do between Birchbox and Glossy — I don’t use products as fast as they can send them! 😀

          • For me, there is never enough beauty products! #Addicted

          • GoFashiondeals

            I end up loosing them, or rather they sprout little legs and walk off. Hahaha.

        • I love Birchbox! You really get a lot of good stuff for just $10! For instance, I am still using this dry shampoo as it’s a big sample. The only thing about Birchbox is that they keep sending me perfume even though I specifically mentioned that I don’t need any perfume… :))

          I was thinking about Glossybox, but it seems like the exact same thing as Birchbox. I would rather go for Play! by Sephora (I’m still on the wait list) or a Korean skincare box (Memebox).

          • GoFashiondeals

            That’s right sephora was going to do a box too!! 🙂

      • Thanks for letting us know, Lisa! Yes, if the customer pays $$$ the service must be superb! One of the reasons I love Birchbox is because this company cares about people they are serving. I respect that!

    • I’ve heard about this one too! It’s $15/month and I’ve heard many great reviews about it!

  • Love the collection.

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