While I consider myself to be experienced in styling different types of clothes, there is one item that is rarely welcome to my wardrobe—a bodysuit. I’m one of those girl who wear skirts and dresses all the time, but somehow this item of clothing is not working for me. In today’s post I’ll be exploring how to become a bit more open-minded about wearing a body—and share some of my tips on how to style a classic black bodysuit with the items that you already have in your wardrobe.

For many years I was not a fan of wearing a bodysuit. For starters, if you wear a bodysuit, you have to plan an entire outfit before you getting makeup on—otherwise you’ll end up ruining your bodysuit (or smashing makeup which might be even more upsetting). Such approach doesn’t really work for me as I’m changing my mind about what to wear dozen times before leaving the house. Another problem is… going to the bathroom. There is something super uncomfortable in opening up your bodysuit on the bottom—especially if you are trying to stay hydrated as much as I do so it’s literally every 30 minutes. Finally, I was never able to find the answer—should I wear or not panties underneath it?

However, when I found this unique all black and super stretchy bodysuit, I decided to give it a chance. It features a sexy cut-out detail on the front that I really loved so I was thinking, why not? Since the front of the bodysuit is so exposed, I decided to style it with a midi skirt. Apparently, stripes would be the next big trend for Spring-Summer 17 so I picked a vertical stripe skirt by Club Monaco that features a splash of black and paired it with my suede OTK boots. It was a quite windy day so tall boots actually worked great.

While experimenting with my bodysuit, I figured a few ways to make this piece of clothing a bit more tolerable to wear.

 Tip #1: Wear High Waisted Bottom

Whether it’s a cute midi skirt or a pair of jeans, I feel that a bodysuit looks and feels better if combined with high waisted clothes. As you see in these images, my skirt creates a waistline while a bodysuit makes your silhouette more rectangular. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this look, but I feel that for my body type a waist emphasizing clothes looks better.

Tip #2: Don’t Over Share

The bodysuit I wear in these photos is a revealing one so I would not recommend styling it with a mini skirt as it would be too much. My rule of thumb is to show up just one part of your body which means either mini skirt and a full coverage top or a low cut top and a conservative skirt or pants.

Tip #3: Color Match

You can easily transform your skirt into a dress if you wear it with a bodysuit of the same color. Just add a belt so you don’t see a connection line and here comes your false dress look. I would also suggest to add a few accessories to such look so you are distracting attention from the skirt and bodysuit line.

That’s pretty much it for my bodysuit tips. I guess now when I’m a bit more familiar with wearing bodysuits it’s time to start updating my collection! Do you have any recommendations on where to shop for the best bodysuits?

OUTFIT DETAILS: Club Monaco Rosalind Skirt (more cute skirts)
For Love & Lemons Simone Laced Bodysuit (love those bodysuits)
Black OTK boots // Ted Baker Wool Coat