Bootcamping with La Roche-Posay and Dermablend

La Roche-Posay BeClearBootcamp

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by La Roche-Posay.

It’s always fun to go on a staycation, but it’s even more exciting to bootcamp in your own city! A few weeks ago La-Roche Posay and Dermablend invited me, among other influencers from across the U.S., on a three-day trip to NYC. It was one of a kind experience that helped me to learn more about how to take care of my acne-prone skin. I also had a unique opportunity to explore the L’Oreal lab where all the skincare magic happens.

While on the trip, I recorded my first vlog ever (click above to watch it!) so it would be great if you could check it out and provide me with feedback. Okay, here comes my blog-style report about my staycation with La Roche-Posay.

#BeClearBootcamp Day 1

The adventure started at the Hotel Americano, a boutique hotel in Chelsea. Influencers from other states stayed there so it was a chic and convenient location to have as a bootcamp base. We had a lovely introductory dinner at the hotel’s bar where we learned about our schedule.

In case you wonder, here is the entire list of bloggers and YouTubers who went with me on the trip. Make sure to check out social media channels of those incredible individuals and read about their experiences at the trip!

You can only make a first impression once so I decided to show up to dinner in full glam. I picked a gorgeous red silk dress by Theia and paired it with my new heels by SJP. It was a bit windy outside so I put on a lace leather jacket on my shoulders and picked my Chanel bag.

There is nothing much to add about the first day except that we came home with a huge bag full of La Roche-Posay and Dermablend goodies. I already started testing some of them and I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts!

#BeClearBootcamp Day 2

La Roche-Posay #BeClearBootcamp 2017

The second day of our adventure started with breakfast at the L’Oreal offices in Hudson Yards. I’ve never been to that location before and I was truly impressed with the view from the L’Oreal offices. Not only you can see an entire skyline from, there is a telescope in the office (and a real motorcycle, if that matters)!

After meeting the rest of La Roche-Posay and Dermablend teams, we moved to a conference room for a lecture. Dr. Tamara Lazic-Strugar, Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, shared her knowledge and advice on how to treat acne-prone skin. Dr. Lazic-Stugar also debunked some of the acne myths that so many people believe in. While I know a lot about acne (you have no idea what it took to make my sensitive and acne-prone skin look clear!) I actually learned a lot from the lecture.

In case you missed it, I wrote a separate post How to Effectively Fight Acne where I explained some of the most important points from Dr. Lazic-Strugar’s lecture.

When the lecture was over, we had a lovely time testing Dermablend products. I tried Dermablend Loose Setting Powder to blot my face and camouflaged a zit on my shoulder with the help of brand’s newest launch, Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer. Other bloggers went all the way in by color-correcting their entire legs. For instance, Sam from Saaammage had a few bruises and Dermablend’s Director of Training, Rachel Short, quickly and effectively camouflaged those with the help of Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup and Dermablend Loose Setting Powder. I mean, look at these before/after pictures—the result is unbelievable!

Dermablend Before After

After a quick lunch, a few people from the brand went to the L’Oreal store where everything was 50% off! I went all the way and picked 10 Essie nail polishes and a cologne set for Ben. I was joking that if I had a little more time, I would end up bringing home half the store! Why not as I’m already in love with so many products by the brands under L’Oreal’s umbrella. I mean how could you resist bringing home all the goodies by IT Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Clarisonic and Kiehl’s?

The next step of our adventure was visiting L’Oreal labs in New Jersey. As it turned out, it’s a super secure location that many people who are working for the brand don’t even have access to. Needless to say that it was such honor to take a glance on the facility where all the La Roche-Posay and Dermablend products are formulated. For obvious reasons, we were not allowed to take photos inside of the lab. But I was able to take a few shots in my nerdy white coat and protective glasses attire in the hallway of the facility.

Photos aside, I learned a few cool things during that laboratory trip. For instance, did you know that it takes only four colors to create any foundation shade (from porcelain to deep brown)? I also learned La Roche-Posay products go through uncountable rounds of testing so the possibility of developing an allergic reaction is close to nothing. It was very good to know because, as I mentioned before, my skin is sensitive so I want to know that I use the most gentle products possible.

La Roche-Posay #BeClearBootcamp 2017

After our tour was over, we went back to the City to change and go out for drinks at the Gansevoort Meatpacking Hotel. For that special occasion I decided to wear my favorite Marchesa dress that I rarely have a chance to pull out of my closet. It’s a maxi length lace dress with see-through shoulder details that I purchased a few years ago at a sample sale. It was one of the best investments ever as every time I wear that dress I feel like a princess!

Chatting to my blogger colleagues and enjoying the sunset, I felt that it was a perfect way to wrap up a productive day of learning and exploring.

#BeClearBootcamp Day 3

The last day of our adventures started at the Hotel Americano where we met with the team for breakfast. Funny fact: I was so tired from the day before that I accidentally showed up at the restaurant… an hour earlier! I remember trying not to get late for the first adventure so I ordered my Uber way in advance. While such scheduling faux pas almost never happen to me, it was fun to have an extra hour for myself to enjoy a soy latte.

After breakfast, we went on a tour to the YouTube Space NY. While I follow so many channels, I’ve never heard that YouTube office located in Chelsea Market! I’ve been to Chelsea Market so many times to enjoy mom-pap shops and cafes, but I had no idea that it’s the place for all video creators to gather together!

During the tour, we checked out every studio at the YouTubers Studios and it was fun to see a few photo walls with all my favorite Beauty Gurus on it! After this inspiring tour I decided that I need to finally start my YouTube game. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to work and collaborate with other creators at the YouTube Space NY!

To wrap up the trip, we went on a healthy lunch at the Untitled restaurant at the Whitney Museum. After three days of exploring all the exciting adventures La Roche-Posay and Dermablend prepared for us I felt that I’ve known members of our influencer group for years. I don’t know why, but traveling (even if it was a staycation) makes me feel more connected to people. You learn things together, have more time to chat between adventures, share knowledge about blogging and life in general. To say the least, I had a wonderful time at the #BeClearBootcamp! Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing all of the tips and tricks I learned at the bootcamp into my skincare routine!

  • Oooh! How fun and what an awesome opportunity! I love Go Fit Jo and all of your outfits are amazing, babe!

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  • Christine

    Wow what a wonderful experience! I am a fan of La Roche Posay wipes, but never heard of Dermablend until now. It is amazing to hear about the process of how products are made and the science behind it as it really helps to understand the right products for our skin’s concerns. The tour of Loreal and the YouTube Space is so awesome and I am so jealous of all the new goodies you got. Love the pink Marchesa dress and the Chanel bag! xoxo, Christine

  • Jessie Li (4evajessie)

    What an amazing bootcamp! When I first read the bootcamp on your post, i thought it would be something with nasty training and it probably associate the word HELL with it. But after reading through your post, I’m totally jealous. It seems like such a fun one. Would love to join one like that.

    xx, Jessie

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    I am also considering moving on to vlogging so actually seeing your first (!) vlog was a great experience and you already do it like a pro so keep them coming. I have to say that bartender was really cute, haha.
    As for the experience I like the ide that L’Oreal and La Roche Posay not only invited you to an event, had that obligatory lecture and then you walk away with goodie bags, but that they actually made you realize where their products come from and how much work there is behind a single beauty product.
    Thank you for sharing your experience and great job on the vlog! Looking forward to many more!

  • This looks like such a fun bootcamp!!! How amazing that you got to go into the actual lab, I bet it was cool to see what went into the actual products. Your skin always looks flawless, so I’m checking out your post on beating acne as we speak. Loved watching your vlog too, you have the cutest accent 🙂

    Rachel xx

    The Daily Luxe,Latest post: HowTo Get Designer Clothes For Less

  • jacqueline

    Omg that sounds seriously sounds so fun! I had no idea so many brands were under L’Oréal! I love the idea of having a boot camp and learning so much about beauty! Your skin always looks great! Can’t wait to hear what you think of the products. I’ve been wanting to try La Roche Posay for a while now

  • Love your outfits! Haven’t tried this yet but what a great opportunity!

  • Hey Darling,
    Such an Interesting Bootcamp:)
    So Happy that you had a Chance to
    Go and Share your experience:)
    Loved that you had a chance to Check the Lab:)
    And your Vlog Was Amazing, Really Enjoyed:)
    I am a Big Fan of your Make Up Tutorials 🙂
    La Roche Posey is a very Good Brand, I tried some and Worked Amazing with my Skin:)
    Can’t wait to see More Vlog From you:) Congrats:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Monday

  • What a cool idea! I love that brands are getting more and more creative with their campaigns with us influencers! Looks like you guys had a blast based on your blog video! You did an amazing job girl! More of this please!! 🙂
    Loved your first night outfit babe, you’re right about first impressions! Smart girl! I love this brand, it was so good to my skin when I had acne, and sometimes I’ve had to use it as an adult.
    You are so lucky that you were able to connect with so many great brands like Loreal and Urban Decay! And visiting the youtube offices? OMG so cool!!
    Thanks for sharing babe!

  • Wow how lucky are you! I love NYC and your short bootcamp trip sounds like a great experience. I follow few of the influencers from the list. I checked your video you look so pretty, I wish I was confident enough to do that. I hate my accent so I shy away of doing videos. I never had acne before (thank god for that) so never used this brand. Meatpacking District is a fun neighbourhood, I love so many spots there. Thanks for sharing your experience !
    Aurela xoxo

  • That sounds like an amazing event! I loved the video, congrats with your first vlog!
    The L’Oreal office is so pretty, the interior looks so cozy yet elegant. To be honest, I would love to visit L’Oreal labs and see, where the magic happens. I think it’s fascinating and at the same time you can observe the whole process, which is very important for us, beauty bloggers.
    The last day sounds great, I would love to visit YouTube space. You’re such a lucky girl, we don’t have so many events here in Germany, which is a shame. Btw, your shoes look amazing on the last photo. All in all, this is such a great post, the blogger events like that one are the most important and most interesting part of all this jazz 🙂

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • Jessica

    As a fellow NY’er, isn’t it nice to enjoy the city from another point of view? Sometimes we take for granted all the hotels and museums, so it must have been nice to experience it with others as they were seeing it for the first time! Now the fact that you did all of that during the conference is amazing. Learning about make-up and skincare is something I am doing more of, so it’s amazing that you got to experience such a thorough conference with all of those brands – especially L’oreal and Dermablend. Great post!! xo, Jessica

  • Candace

    What an amazing opportunity to attend a boot camp at L’Oreal! It’s something only some of us can dream of doing one day. I know all too well how great Dermablend works at color correcting. I once had this bride who requested that along with doing makeup, I cover up everyone’s noticeable tattoos. Luckily I had some Dermablend in my kit and I was done in no time. And l think I would have gone crazy seeing 50% off everything like you almost did, haha!

  • Girl, what a wonderful experience! Looks like you had an incredible time, learning from the experts. L’oreal, La Roche Posay are leaders in the skincare industry, so what a unique opportunity to attend the bootcamp. Your video is so cool. I’m totally impressed with the L’Oreal offices, so amazing! I can’t believe that there is where the magic happens. I normally buy La Roche because of the great quality of their products, they really work when you have acne or even to improve the quality and texture of the skin.
    Wow! You went to Yout Tube offices, that is so cool. Thanks for sharing a recap of this amazing adventure.

  • This is such an amazing experience to attend a bootcamp at L’Oreal. I would love to visit their lab one day and see it for myself. Although this is a new take on bootcamp and it’s the kind I love. It involves makeup, I mean who wouldn’t like that? 😉
    Also, congratulations on your first vlog, the video looks great!

    xo, Maryam

  • Tandya

    Wow, sounds like an amazing adventure. What an experience! The bootcamp sounds fun and very insightful. I love that you were able to visit the lab! That really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I love the product that covers the legs! I would love to try this! So happy that you were able to capture this experience on your vlog!


    What a beautiful experienceyoi’re experienced! Nice to see and meet other bloggers. Surely it is a very busy walk but you leave with an incredible load and so much information that is fundamental. The cream for the legs is very cool , the difference is really seen.

  • That sounds epic! What an amazing opportunity! I seriously need some Dermablend for my legs ASAP – have have so many scars from my tomboy days – it would be nice to not have to wear longer skirts to hide them. I think I would have gone crazy in the employee store too and I’m totally crushing over your shoes in the last pic. So fun!

  • Sarah Atiq

    This sounds like such an incredible experience to attend a bootcamp with La Roche-Posay and Dermablend and learn from the experts. Not only does it look super fun, but it also was so informative. I had never heard of these brands before, but I am so curious to try them. I totally need to check your post on how to effectively fight acne. And the Dermablend quick fix concealer, sounds like just the product I need. Also the visit to the L’Oreal lab sounds fantastic, such an amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to check out your VLOG too, such exciting stuff Katya. And I’m totally in love with your first outfit, you look stunning.


  • Elif kadioglu

    Such a nice bootcamp experience in NYC! Lucky you. And great that you had a chance to meet other bloggers! It looks super fun and sounds like an amazing event! I love your second look with the cool glasses. Congrats with your first vlog! Really a great video. xoxo Elif

  • So lucky to get invited to such a fun and unique experience! Seeing experts and being able to learn from them should have been a real blessing! Thank you for sharing all these insider tips with us, I had no idea about many of these products, and I might have to try the Dermablend one for my legs. 🙂

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  • I would love to go to New York too. you’re so lucky! I also enjoyed watching your vlog. I always wondered when you’re going to start vlogging. I adore your make up tutorials here but would love to see you do it. I haven’t used any of the products you mentioned but now I know about them because of you!


  • Marcy Yu

    This is such a great experience babe!! Really a beauty skin care bootcamping? Thats sounds incredible and it looks so much fun. La Roche Posay is my ultimate favourite brand to take care of my skin. They have such great products and been using them since ever.

    Thanks for sharing this great experience. Hope I get to do this one day 🙂