About a year ago, I decided to cancel my beauty subscriptions. I didn’t have the time to test all the products and at some point, I accumulated too much makeup to play with. The only beauty subscription brand that I still wanted to try was BoxyCharm. Many of my favorite YouTubers are swearing by it so I took the opportunity to test and review one of the boxes. Here comes my honest review on whether this Box is worth the hype.

BoxyCharm: What Is It?

What makes BoxyCharm different is that you receive 4 to 5 full-size products in each box. We are not talking about deluxe samples, but the exact products you would find in the stores. Each BoxyCharm box goes for about $21, but you receive at least $100 worth of products. We are talking about well-known brands like MAC, ColourPop, Becca, and Smashbox. Sounds like a great deal, right?

BoxyCharm July 2018: What’s Inside?

My first BoxyCharm box features 6 products, 5 of them are full-size.

What caught my attention first was a set of Luxie brushes — the brand I use and love for the last few years. Even though I have travel size brushes in my collection, I took this set with me on vacation to Europe. I love the blush brush: it allows picking a perfect amount of the product and blends it to perfection. Also, who could resist light pink colored brushes? I’m sold!

I also used quite a lot Battington Lashes. It’s not the first pair I’ve ever tried, and I’m always impressed by the quality. These 100% handmade silk falsies look super fluffy and natural — so it was a score too.

You can’t go wrong with the Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. It’s an all-time bestseller on Sephora for a reason: you cannot beat the decadent scent of this body butter! I love how my skin feels after using it: I completely forgot about dry patches.

The quality of OFRA Liquid Lipstick was amazing, as usual. In fact, it was the first formula that got me addicted to liquid lipsticks. But the shade was not my cup of tea: brown lipsticks generally make me look sick, and this shade was not an exception. I plan on gifting this lipstick to one of my girlfriends with darker skin tone.

Alamar Reina Del Caribe Eyeshadow Palette was fun to play with. I enjoyed playing with warm mattes — these were nicely pigmented and blended easily. But glittery shades required a bit more work. The shadows performed better when applied with eyeshadow primer and wet brush. Personally, I don’t use the wet application technique often, but I will be keeping the palette in my collection for that sort of occasions. Did I mention that I loved the Tropico shade? It’s so pretty!

Finally, Jonteblue Eyeliner was too hard for my taste — but I guess that’s why it’s so long-lasting. I’m not sure I will ever use it again, so it was the only true disappointment in the box.

BoxyCharm: Worth the Hype?

Considering that I didn’t enjoy only one product in the box and loved at least four, the box gets thumbs up from me. To be honest, I would love it even if I received a box of samples together with my Luxie brushes — so it was definitely a win. Think about it that way. One Luxie brush costs about the same as the entire box, so from a financial standpoint, BoxyCharm is such a score!