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Ms Littles Bag The Many Kisses Round Clutch

I see a lot of bloggers bragging online that they do not collaborate with the brands on principal. I am not that sure it’s the right way to go. Whether you like it or not, you are already influenced by the brands simply because you are a human being walking around the city, checking social media, watching TV or streaming movies. In my opinion, rejecting collaborations with the brands you actually love is not very wise. It slows down your blog’s growth and creates unhealthy climate around your brand as a blogger.

Ms Littles Bag The Many Kisses Round Clutch and Melissa Shoes Stripes

What you can actually do in order to stay honest is simply mentioning which pieces you purchased on your own and which ones you received as a gift (not to mention that it’s required by FTC). You shall also concentrate on how to develop your style no matter where your clothes are coming from, directly from the brands, from your friend’s closet, from a vintage store, or from one of the major online retailers. Hate it or love it, you are a part of the advertising chain. Learn how to deal with it.

Zaful Flower Print Plunging Neck Sleeveless Dress

P.S.—To illustrate my position, I picked all of the pieces for this look provided to me by the brands. As you see, the look is so “Katya style”: a cute floral dress, a pair of dangerously high platforms, an eye-catching bag, and a classy pearl bracelet. I bet if I didn’t tell you that I received all of those pieces as a gift from sponsors you will never figure it out.

Ms Littles Bag The Many Kisses Round Clutch and Baroni Designs Pearl Bracelet SetFlower Print Plunging Neck Sleeveless Dress (back)Flower Print Plunging Neck Sleeveless Dress by

Zaful Flower Print Plunging Neck Sleeveless Dress (c/o) // Melissa Strips Shoes (c/o)
Ms. Little’s Bag The Many Kisses Round Clutch (c/o) // Baroni Six Strand Pearl Bracelet Set (c/o)
Photos by Vital Agibalow


  • GoFashiondeals

    Great post!! You are so right! I love that bag btw!! You hair looks so pretty!!

  • I totally agree. I love that you stay true to your style!! (I adore that dress too).
    xx, Pia

  • I’ve only known beauty bloggers rejecting collaboration with brands because of principal such as the brand is not cruelty-free however, I’m not familiar with fashion bloggers’ reasons. Btw, that clutch is so unique and lovely, I am surprise that the price is reasonable because it certainly looks way more expensive!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • such a cute bag <3 you look amazing!

    mynameiskristina blog
    // bloglovin

  • Megan

    Those shoes are so cool and I love that bag too. That dress is amazing as well!

  • I love your dress !! The detail at the front is really beautiful
    The color palette

  • Amanda Amaya

    I agree with waht you said 100%. I don’t distrust someone because they collaborated with a brand as long as they are up front about it and give an honest opinion of the products if giving a review. I am in love you your shoes by the way! Such a cute shoe and lovely color.