Breaking the Labor Day Rules

One of the stereotypical fashion rules that I cannot agree at all is about not wearing white after Labor Day weekend. Honestly, I don’t know who came out with this idea and why, but the fashion rebel in me does not allow me to follow that direction. In opposition, white is the only color I’m craving on wearing the most in fall—and I’m not planning on changing my ways anytime soon.

I know that many of you feel the same about wearing white clothes after the summer is over. However, since there is not much information on how to style white clothes in fall and winter, not many people are actually breaking the “no white after Labor Day rule.” I feel that they just don’t see enough “all white after Labor Day” inspiration!

#1: The All Seasons Classic: Your Favorite White Tee

How to Style a White T-Shirt After Labor Day

Pour La Victoire Suede Mules // American Eagle Tank // BCBG Fringe Blazer // Denim Mini Skirt // Sophie Hulme Bag // Heart Headband

Your typical tight-fitting white T-Shirt or a tank is actually more versatile than you might think. And I’m not only talking about styling it with jeans and ankle booties—the possibilities are virtually unlimited! You could wear your versatile white tee underneath the sweater, with an oversized cardigan, or a chic blazer—this basic fashion piece will bring just enough effortless to any look.

While I do wear white tops in combination with all sorts of clothes, recently I’ve been enjoying styling this universal piece with a cool print scarf and denim skirt. The trick here is to find the scarf that incorporates some elements of the color white in its design so your entire outfit looks more thought off. For instance, the headscarf that I picked for this ensemble features white hearts on light blue background that matches both my white tee and my light blue denim skirt.

Continuing the theme of muted colors, I styled this retro-style look with awesome suede mules by Pour La Victoire. One of the reasons I’ve been coming back to this shoe over and over again is because it features a comfortable heel and super chic open heel design. I feel that these shoes are visually elongate my legs so I love styling them with miniskirts to emphasize such effect even more.

#2: How to Turn Summer into Winter

Pour La Victoire Sandals // H&M Lace-Up Dress // Gianfranco Ferre Jacket // H&M Fishnet Socks // Brahmin Gabriella Bag

If you are like me, half of your wardrobe is little black dresses that you can’t even distinguish from one another, and the rest is white summer dresses. I can’t even start telling how many white dresses I have in my collection and how much more I feel that I need to purchase every single summer. Honestly speaking, it’s not the eco-friendliest approach to fashion so this season I decided that I will have the most wear out of my white dresses by making them look more appropriate for the cold season.

Take, for instance, this ensemble. I picked a trendy lace-up T-shirt dress and styled it with my all times favorite lace leather jacket (I have it in my collection since I was 18 and it’s still going strong!). I figured that even though I’m absolutely obsessed with my silver sandals by Pour La Victoire, it’s getting colder to wear them in fall. So, I decided to style them with cool fishnet socks (that also happen to match the lace trimming on my jacket). I also picked this chic oversized satchel in the same black and white color theme so my final look turned out to be about three main colors: black, white, and silver.

You could totally repeat this styling trick upgrading your summer looks with socks and a jacket—for so many outfits. It should not be necessarily a white dress (even though it’s the topic of today’s post), but any summery dress that you could make more cold-weather friendly by adding just these major heat-preserving pieces.

Finally, a few words about this awesome Brahmin bag. It’s been my favorite everyday essential as it fits everything that I need to bring with me throughout the day while still looking super stylish and chic. I don’t know if I mentioned it already on the blog or not, but I’m heading to visit my parents in October and I’m planning to bring my mom one of these bags too!

#3: Why the Fabric Matters (It Really Does!)

Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Sandals // BCBG White Knit Dress // Fendi Petite 2Jours Monster Tote

Sometimes, wearing white during the cold season is not possible simply because the majority of white-colored pieces available in the stores are made out of summery fabrics. Granted: I might love my white chiffon mini dress so much, but in winter time such piece will make me freezing even if I’m wearing a warm coat on top of it. Same goes for pants: when it’s raining and gross outside, who wants to walk around the city with muddy dots of rainwater on the back of your legs?

In my opinion, all it takes to make a white piece of clothes winter-appropriate is the material it’s made out. Forget about all the silks, chiffons, and laces—these fabrics might look great on models in glossy magazines, but in real life, these are not necessarily suitable for real life. If you really want a wearable white piece of clothing for the cold season, pick a knit white dress and you’ll look super chic and warm at the same time.

For instance, I picked this white knitted dress last week at the Bloomingdale’s sale and I can’t wait to start wearing it as it’s so comfy and elegant looking. The dress is made out of thin knitted fabric and features a trendy this season cold shoulder design which turns it into a cold season statement piece. I loved how this dress fits on me so much that I actually decided to also repurchase it in black—so I have (again!) a closet full of both black and white clothes.

Even though I’m very specific about how warm the fabrics my clothes are made of, when it comes to shoes I don’t mind wearing sandals even when it’s freezing outside. Call me an adept of the Sex in The City styling school, but if I love the shoe I don’t care if the thermometer is saying that it might be too cold to wear it. For example, these ivory sandals by Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn fit my new knit white dress so perfectly that I’m not planning on wearing it with anything else. Yep, even if it’s freezing outside! I told you, I’m such a fashion rebel!

* * * * *

As you see, wearing white clothes after Labor Day weekend is easier than you would think. All it takes is a bit of imagination on how to upgrade your summery pieces and make them feel a bit cozier. What’s even more important though is that wearing white after the summer is over makes you really standout among people who prefer following all the stereotypical fashion rules. I would assume that if you are reading this blog, you are a somewhat a fashion rebel and you’ll continue rocking the color white all year long. At least, that’s what I’m planning on doing!

I can’t wait to see your looks featuring white color infused outfits that you are wearing now or planning on wearing during the cold season. Please share your photos and links to your blog and Instagram posts in the comments area below. I can’t wait to discuss with you any other styling white after the Labor Day ideas!