Britney Spears Launches Gender-Neutral Fragrance

StyleSprinter x Britney Spears Prerogative Fragrance Review

I grew up cutting out images of Britney Spears from Russian magazines, but never in this world would I think that one day I’d be able to attend the launch of her new fragrance. Nor did I wish in my craziest dream to take a photo with the Queen of Pop. Guess what, both these things happened this week – and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

But first – let’s talk about the new fragrance. I was excited to learn that Britney Spears’ new 2018 fragrance, Prerogative, is actually her 24th perfume release. It comes in a similar bottle to her perhaps most popular scent to the day, Fantasy, but with a twist. When standing, the bottle tilts left and has the name embossed on it. It’s also created for anyone and everyone regardless of which gender a person identifies with.

As I previously mentioned on the blog, gender-neutral scents are definitely trending these days and for a reason. Since perfumes tend to mix differently with each person’s skin, the same fragrance rarely smells the same on all people. And if the base notes are sandalwood or amber wood-based – just like in Prerogative – it’s just a no-brainer that everyone will love that perfume.

Talking about the scent pyramid of Britney Spear’s Prerogative, what stands out for me are the notes of apricot and coffee. I couldn’t tell from the first interaction which fruity note is presented in this scent, but when I saw Apricot Bellinis at the launch event, I figured – that must be it! The presence of coffee notes is also evident – which in combination with sandalwood (my favorite scent for candles and fragrances) this perfume smells expensive. It’s not your typical woodsy cologne though – despite a good number of stereotypically “male” notes, it rather smells fruity than woodsy.

A few details about the perfume launch. It took place at the penthouse of Time Hotel where the company created a few voyeuristic-style experiences for the beauty editors and influencers. From surveillance cameras and loofah bathtub, there were plenty of photo opportunities. You can still access them here via Instagram highlights. But the best part of it all was the following Britney Spears concert.

As I mentioned before, it’s been my dream for years and years to see Britney performing. Growing up in Russia, I learned her songs by heart even before I learned English – so it’s definitely was a meaningful day for me. This exciting launch event proved that if you really wish something to happen, it’s definitely possible.

Photos by Ivey J @RealLiveSoul