Cherry Blossom Season

AURATE Flower Earring Back

A few weeks ago, my bestie Alissa and I went on a girls-only trip to Washington DC and happen to catch the cherry blossom season! Previously, I only experienced such abundance of beautiful blooms in New York, during yearly Sakura Matsuri Festival—a day-long celebration of Japanese culture. But in DC cherry blossom season has a completely different meaning. Instead of a one-day gathering, it’s a full-blown holiday that attracts people from across the country.

This year, we got lucky as the weather in DC was so much warmer than in NYC so we went on an exploration trip to the U.S. National Arboretum. In case you haven’t heard about it before, it’s a gorgeous park located just a few miles away from the center of the city. It features a huge botanical collection and—my personal favorite—an astonishing bonsai collection.

Walking in the botanical garden, we easily made our mandatory 10k steps a day and even got a little tan. We also spotted an entire cherry blossom alley where, of course, I couldn’t resist of taking photos. Especially because both my dress and new stunning earrings by AUrate were following a botanical theme of the day. By the way, ever since I came back home, these dainty back earrings became the best reminder of the wonderful trip I just had. While New York very slowly catches up on the cherry blossom season, my flower earrings are blooming all year long!

I wonder when is the cherry blossoming happens in your city?

OUTFIT DETAILS: Marissa Webb Dress // BCBG Blazer // AUrate Earrings (all dainty earrings)

AURATE Flower Earring Back AURATE Flower Earring Back AURATE Flower Earring Back AURATE Flower Earring Back AURATE Flower Earring Back


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