Color Story: Warm Tones

Warm Tones Trend - Fall 2019
side zipper skirt // beige reptile texture bag // cashmere cardigan
suede nude booties // fringe camel coat // belted detail bag
wide-leg trousers // animal print earrings // creme sweater
beige corset hoodie // 90s style oversized joggers

I guess it’s a sign that your style matures (in a good way) where all you shop for is neutrals. Surprising but true: this fall, I’m feeling uninspired by my typical “color overload” approach to fashion and feel that I want to concentrate on neutrals. Specifically: warm tones that are trending right now.

The explanation for this fashion transformation is actually quite easy. Ever since opening my pet business (if you haven’t heard yet, it’s an online brand and brick-and-mortar boutique Bow Tie Pet Club), I want from my wardrobe to be functional and versatile. Think: I’m doing a staff meeting in the morning, go for a business lunch for Style Sprinter during the day, enjoying furniture and home decor shopping in the afternoon, and run for a happy hour with girlfriends after work.

Yep, we are talking about that stereotypical “from work to a night out” look that is massively promoted by glossy magazines. Now, when my life evolves not only around the fashion and beauty industry, I am (finally – insert eyes rolling emoji!) looking for a more layered and neutral look.

That’s where warm tones come handy. Dressing in 50 shades of beige looks so much chicer than a typical New Yorker all-black-all-the-time look. Even though the latest is getting a major comeback this season – LMK if you want a full breakdown on what’s good on the market of strictly black outfits.

I feel that so-called “earth tones” are much easier to layer and make all-occasions ready than bright colors (I’ll never say “bye” to the latest, obviously!). And some of the neutral pieces I see online lately are totally capturing my imagination. I mean, look at the collage of my latest finds – are we obsessed yet?

P.S.—While I’m still shopping for the warm tone pieces, these are the ones that I already added to my collection and can’t get enough.

#1: Caramel Tone Knit Dress by Femme Luxe

This cozy, neutral shade knit dress is ideal as an everyday essential. I love styling it with neutral booties and denim jacket. And maybe throw statement earrings and sunnies for that “I’m trying but not too hard look” that looks chic and cozy during the fall season. By the way, definitely check out Femme Luxe’s dresses section – I found so many cute (and affordable!) styles there over the course of summer – and now into fall.

StyleSprinter Katya Bychkova - Caramel Tone Knit Dress by Femme Luxe

#2: Distressed Sweater by Rue 21

Oh, it would be an understatement to say that I was living in this sweater over the last few weeks. You know me: I’m cashmere only kind of girl when it comes to sweaters but this cotton sweater was a great transitional piece that I truly enjoyed. Not to mention that burned orange shade happened to suit my green eyes – who knew!

StyleSprinter Katya Bychkova - Distressed Sweater by Rue 21

#3: Gold Dress by Selfie Leslie

I know, this slip dress sounds like too summery in this photo. But imagine styling it with a long cashmere cardigan – isn’t it a perfect fall-season dress too? As a girl with boobs on a bigger size, I love that this dress features a bow closer in the front so I can adjust it accordingly. In fact, I’ve been wrapping this stylish gold dress through my stick-on bra – so my girls are in place and I add a bit of a push-up effect to this low neckline dress.

StyleSprinter Katya Bychkova - Gold Dress by Selfie Leslie