Criss Cross Jeans – Three Ways to Style

Criss Cross Jeans - Three Ways to Styleblazer // bodysuit // jeans // boots // handbag

At the beginning of my blogging journey, I was really against wearing jeans. These always felt too casual and too uncomfortable for me. I think it runs in a family as I can’t stand any clothes with zippers around my belly button (my sister hates it too). That’s why jeans were not an option for me for the longest time. For real, I’d rather wear a dress to go run errands than sticking my body into uncomfortable denim.

But this summer, everything has changed. My friend Lora and I stopped by Alice and Olivia and found a super unique looking criss-cross jeans that looked like a designer sewed together halves of two different jeans. I tried them on and – Oh My God! – these were the most comfortable pants I’ve ever owned.

The trick there I guess is that the button part of those jeans is moved to the side. So even though these are not as high-waisted as they could be, this design strategy actually makes them dramatically more comfortable to wear. I mean, these jeans were the one and only point why I’m back on my denim wearing game — and that’s something.

Long story short, to say that I’ve been wearing those jeans non-stop is to say nothing. Let’s put it that way, if you are into that school of calculating clothes’ cost per wear, those jeans have to pay me back (LOL) — that’s how often I wore them.

A few weeks back, I bumped into Alice and Olivia’s sale where I found another pair of criss-cross jeans. This time, monochrome in a darker wash — at like a 60% discount. Needless to say, I immediately purchased them and now I’m into my “jeans addiction stage 2.” 

Below are some of the ideas on how I styled my most favorite pair of denim pants.

Casual Uniform

Jeans + blazer became my City girl uniform and I finally have an appreciation for such casual but still super chic look. The trick here is to wear a super simple bodysuit that perfectly matches the shade of your blazer. I found mine at Zara and I can’t get enough of it – the quality is superb, especially for the price.

Criss Cross Jeans - Three Ways to Stylewhite blazer // turtleneck // white boots // handbag // jeans // headband

Dressier Look

I noticed that lighter tones make any outfit look a bit more sophisticated. Look, for instance, on this shot. The outfit formula is the same (turtleneck + blazer + jeans + booties) but this ensemble looks so much more dressy. Maybe it’s also achieved with the help of my super affordable headband – pearls make any casual outfit look so much chicer.

Flirty Look

Show a little skin between your jeans and a top – and no accessorizing needed. I found this playfull top also at Alice and Olivia and it’s been my go-to this summer. It’s not your typical crop top but rather a playful wrap-up top that makes every outfit look a bit whimsical.

* * * * * 

Have you ever tried on criss-cross jeans? What type of denim pants do you prefer to wear?

Criss Cross Jeans - Three Ways to Style


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