Current Lifestyle Favorites

Current Lifestyle Favorites

Usually, in my favorite posts, I would go through the beauty essentials that stuck with me lately. But today I have something very different to share: it’s a combination of lifestyle, fashion, and beauty favorites that rounds up all the things I’ve been using and loving lately. I hope you enjoy this new format and find some amazing products for yourself to test and love.

Caraa Travel Bag

Caraa Travel Bag

I’ve been moving back and forth this summer as I wanted to spend time both in the City and the Hamptons. And this chic and spacious beauty bag is what made my commute much more enjoyable and chill. I love that it contains many different compartments that allow me to secure my skincare essentials in place and keep them in the same bag if I don’t want to unpack for a few days. Caraa Travel Bag looks chic, holds all of my essentials, makes perfect sense while traveling, and just so easy to grab and go.

Save My Face Pillow - Review

Save My Face Pillow

Sleeping… I’m not gonna lie that I developed some Zzzzz issues lately. With my thoughts running around my new business and all the responsibilities for my blogging job, I was certainly struggling to fall asleep and wake up rested these few months. At some point, I got so tired and underslept that I decided to put myself on a sleeping schedule and develop a few rituals that help me to get a more relaxed self.

First and foremost I switched my pillow to this beautiful satin one that you see in the photo above. Designed as an anti-wrinkle pillow, it feels so soft and adds just a little something that helps me to relax and feel sleepy.

I started putting lavender-scented linen “dumplings” (that’s how I secretly call them) in bed every morning so by the time I’m going to bed my sheets have absorbed this beautiful scent.

I also figured out how to make my room pitch black. Back in the City, my bedroom still was getting tons of background light from the city that never sleeps – and by limiting this light invasion I’m able to sleep deeper.

Finally, I started incorporating in-bed meditation right before I’m going to sleep. Basically, I’ll listen to one of Sleep Meditations on my Calm app until I’m out. This practice has been so successful to me that I trained my body and brain to catch my Zzzzz even before my 10-minutes meditation session is over.

EGO Cargo Pocket Detail Lace Up Ankle Biker Boot In Holographic Silver Faux Leather

Pocket Combat Boots

Finally, I’d like to rave about my new favorite everyday boots. Ever since I temporary relocated to the Hamptons I’ve been on a hunt for comfy everyday shoes that are not sneakers. It’s not like there’s something wrong with sneakers I just wanted a bit more diverse look that creates a perfect match to my jeans that I’ve been living in.

I found my solution in these holographic boots by EGO – how colorful and unique are they! First of all, they got me at this mini pocket that looks so adorable and actually serves its purpose if you go for a walk and don’t want to hold your keys in your hands. I also love how the holographic design catches the sunlight and looks unique in different lighting conditions. Not to mention that these stylish combat boots are incredibly comfortable to wear. Win-win-win!

Lord Jones CBD Skincare

Lord Jones CBD

Ever since making a resolution of being more mindful and dedicating more time to self-care, I’ve been into weekly bath sessions. I will pour some bubbles and aroma oils or drop some bath bombs into my bath to feel especially spoiled and relaxed. After my bath ritual, I would go for my CBD body care ritual where I apply CBD lotion all over my body and highly concentrated CBD balm on the tight spots that I developed after my workouts.

Not only I sleep and feel better after those CBD products, but I also noticed that my skin texture dramatically improved. So whether you are looking for a relaxation ritual or just want your skin to look smoother, definitely consider incorporating CBD into your routine.

Google Calendar App

Finally, I found and organized in an OCD-way my perfect calendar app. I’ve been always closely in touch with my schedule via Google Calendar but the app my iPhone comes with always looked too boring for me. So a few weeks ago I finally did my research and found Google Calendar App that is just the next level for schedule freaks like me.

Basically, I color-coded everything in my desktop Google Calendar and all this information was automatically transferred to this app. Not only that but the app added some custom graphics to my everyday activities. For instance, if I have a lunch scheduled it will add food image on the background and if I have a fitness class to attend an image of weights and fitness essentials will appear.

In this app, you can also set up specific goals like how often you’d like to meditate or how much water you want to drink. Everything looks super cute and neat – just like I love it. So if you are feeling in a rut with your current calendar app, certainly consider this handy and colorful app.

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I know this month’s favorites seem to be all over! But these are all the things I genuinely love and use – so if you found just one new cool thing for you to try, it will make my day! How’s your month been when it comes to favorites? Please list some of the things you loved and used over the past few weeks in the comments!