Ralph Lauren ‘Chunky Chain’ Collection

Ralph Lauren has announced the launch of a new “Chunky Chain” fine jewelry line and I can’t wait to give it a go! Why? Well, there are all sorts of reasons—from my family tradition to obsession with everything by Ralph Lauren—that I’ll be sharing with you in this post. Read up at your own risk as you might as well become obsessed with this bold feminine jewelry line!

…When I finally graduate NYU, I know which gift I will give myself for all the studying efforts. It would be a piece of jewelry that will remind me for years that the hard work is always paying off. It might sound a bit excessive for some of you, but considering how many years I’ve spent in college (with all the transfers and extra credits required for my scholarships) and my family’s appreciation of jewelry, it totally makes sense. As long as I remember, my dad has been gifting my mom fine jewelry for all the important moments of their lives, from moving to another city to giving a birth to my younger sister. I guess, this fine jewelry love is in my blood!

Being a teenager, I also accumulated a few pieces in celebration of important moments of my life. I received diamond studs when I was in middle school as I got accepted to the most prestigious prep school in Belarus. Then, at 17, I started proudly wearing my first designer watch as I’ve been accepted to college (on a tuition-free basis!). When I moved to America, I gifted myself a diamond ring as it was a reminder that it takes courage to completely change your life and live along in a new country. Even though it will take at least another year and a half to finish NYU (my major is Media and Communications), I already started looking for a beautiful timeless piece that will symbolize my academic accomplishment.

Ralph Lauren ‘Chunky Chain’ Collection

You probably wonder, why Ralph Lauren jewelry? In a nutshell, it represents everything I stand for. It’s features a bold design that I associate with fearlessness. It’s elegant and timeless which, in my opinion, is the best approach towards fashion. It’s urban that makes this piece truly versatile and compatible with so many different looks. It’s glamorous which is something I feel that I’m lacking, so it would be nice quality to add into my outfits styled with the Ralph Lauren jewelry.

Philosophy aside, I do feel strong affection towards rose gold jewelry and Ralph Lauren fine jewelry line offers every single item in 18K rose gold finish. Whether it’s a stylish cuff, a bracelet, or a ring, such unique type of material looks astonishing and reinvents what timeless jewelry piece could look like.

I also love the idea that you can personalize each piece with a diamond-set engraving. I don’t know what I’ll be putting on my rose gold ring yet, but it would probably be something persistency related—because it does take me a lot of self-discipline to push my own limits and find the time to pursue my academic goals while being a full-time blogger.

Ralph Lauren ‘Chunky Chain’ Collection

I recently read interview with Mr. Ralph Lauren where he explained why he designed the line and I loved his idea of modern eclectic jewelry that he referred to. He mentioned that one of the things that inspired him to create the “Chunky Chain” collection was seeing women who wear “a bike leather jacket with a diamond necklace.” I do love such aesthetic too, when you are not afraid mixing styles together while creating your signature look: bold yet elegant and so incredibly chic!

As of now, the “Chunky Chain” collection by Ralph Lauren is available exclusively at the brand’s New York City boutiques where I stop by every so often. Among other things that I learned in college is that you need to envision your goals to make them happen. So next time I’m feeling overwhelmed from the amount of writing and reading I need to do for college, I will stop by at the Ralph Lauren store and just stare at the jewels—as a reminder of my “graduation prize.” Because just thinking about the fact that I might own a piece of the Ralph Lauren jewelry motivates me to be a more productive version of myself.

Ralph Lauren ‘Chunky Chain’ CollectionRalph Lauren ‘Chunky Chain’ CollectionRalph Lauren ‘Chunky Chain’ CollectionRalph Lauren ‘Chunky Chain’ Collection

Photo Credit: Ralph Lauren Fine Jewelry

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