Dark Florals at Simply Stylist Conference


This weekend, I attended one of the most exciting fashion and beauty events of the year, Simply Stylist Conference, and this is the outfit I picked to wear that day. You’ll be surprised but I wore these shoes for the first time ever, didn’t hurt my feet whatsoever even after 10 hours of non-stop education and networking. I also figured that it’s much easier to walk wearing platforms than stilettos, so I’m planning on upgrading my collection with a few options of that heel structure.

Another exciting piece of wardrobe that I wore that day is my…Chanel bag! I was thinking about writing a separate piece on is as I’m super excited about this purchase, but since I couldn’t resist on wearing it for the conference, the secret is already out. Guys, I can’t explain enough how much I’m in love with this purse! It comes in two shades, black and gold, which makes it so timeless and versatile. I also love the fact that it’s not a classic Chanel flap bag, but rather a unique piece that not many other people would have. Honestly, after I got my bag home, I’ve been staring at it for a week prior to wearing it as it’s so incredibly cute. I guess I’m getting addicted to luxury products because it’s by far the most unique and high-quality purse that I’ve even owned.


I also want to say a few words about my dress which is an affordable pick from ASOS. I’ve been shopping on the website for a long time, but never picked up anything from their petite collection. As it turned out, for all those years I’ve been wearing pieces from the regular collection that we not perfectly fitted to my frame compared to those from the petite collection. After discovering this new area of ASOS shopping, I went a bit wild and ordered things like this camo jacket and this frill neck top. Those fit so much better than regular sizes and I can’t wait to share my outfits with you!

Okay, now when you know what I was wearing, let me tell you what I was doing that day. For starters, I’d like to say thank you to the Simply Stylist team who invited me as a VIP attendee. The day started at 10:00 am with a stylish brunch at Yotel in New York. I sat next to Catt Sadler whom you know not only as a regular moderator of the Simply Stylist discussions, a fashion blogger, and an E! Channel host. Since Catt was in such close proximity from me, I asked if she doesn’t mind taking a selfie with me and she agreed. Yay! I felt to special.

Catt Sadler and Katya Bychkova at Simply Stylist Conference in New York City - Fall 2016

The rest of the day was about blogger education. There were a few presentations that involve industry experts who talked about the role influencers are playing in marketing and taste making, as well as super popular fashion bloggers like Kat from With Love From Kat and Jacey Duprie from Damsel in Dior who shared their experiences of “making it” in the blogging world. Those were very fun to watch and super educational speeches.

The second part of the event was all about networking and relaxation. There were a few beauty stations kindly presented by the The Glam App where event attendee could get a hair touch up, manicure, or a chair massage. If you remember my Insta Stories report, I got my curls for the day and was so happy about it. My blogger friend Lauren from Little Blushing Birdie, who came to see me at the event all the way from Connecticut, got a chair massage and said that it was a super relaxing too. By the way, if you don’t follow Lauren yet, please do as I love her beauty posts and agree with every single review she does on her YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe!).

After a round of beauty services and a glass of champagne, Lauren and I met so many other bloggers and shared our blogging experiences. Oh, I almost forgot about the goodie bag that was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Check out all of the products that I’ve got! Aren’t those amazing? Perhaps, the cutest thing from the bag was this mug saying “Everyday I’m Hustling” and the most helpful one is the Dove Dry Spray which is my deodorant of choice that I reviewed on the blog last year. Of course, I was also excited for the chocolate that came in my goodie bag as it’s the flavor I personally prefer for a long time now.

VIP goodie bag Simply Stylist Conference

In other words, it was such a remarkable day and I loved every second of it. From getting ready and taking photos near my house with Ben to attending the conference with my blogger buddies, and finishing the day at a restaurant where Lauren and I couldn’t stop talking about the Sephora VIB sale and all of the goodies we are so excited to pick up when the sale goes live. It was a great day and I was so blessed that not only it was full of adventures, but also because it hasn’t been ruined by the things like bad weather or not comfy shoes.

OUTFIT DETAILS: ASOS Dress (sold out; lots of gorgeous similar dresses here)
Theory Clairene Coat (also comes in burgundy and camel) // ASOS Platform Shoes
Chanel Bag (if you don’t want to pay full price, check out those affordable Chanel bags)

Style Sprinter at Simply Stylist ConferenceChanel Black and Gold Flap Bagstylesprinter-theory-clairene-coat-in-pinkstylesprinter-asos-picnic-patchwork-platformsstylesprinter-chanel-flap-bag-and-theory-clairene-coatstylesprinter-how-to-style-asos-patchwork-platforms