DIY Birthday Garland

DIY Birthday Garland 14
For this year’s Birthday party, I decided to decorate our apartment by myself. Since I’ve been super busy for the last six years in America and do not really own any fancy DIY tools, I decided to use a holiday catalog by Bloomingdales to make my garland unique and fun.

DIY Birthday Garland 1

Things you need: plain garland, old magazines or catalogs, scissors, and scotch tape. I purchased my two garlands at Michael’s for just $1.99 each, but you can create your own.

Total project cost: $3.98.

Required time: 10-15 minutes.

DIY Paper Garland Tutorial

Pick those pages of the catalog that are most appealing to you and put them aside. Then, use scissors to shape the letters of the phrase you intent to create. I decided to design a simple Happy Birthday garland and didn’t use any stencil to shape the letters so it looks eclectic, but you can download one so all of your letters look uniform.

DIY Paper Garland 1

For my project, I used those catalog pages that incorporate bold patterns such as stripes and circles. I found an inspiration in the images of Marc Jacobs sweaters that I used to design letters R, P, and D. In order to design the letter B, I picked two images of watches and combined them together.

DIY Paper Garland Tutorial

After I picked and cut all of the letters for my garland, I used a scotch tape to keep pieces of paper in place. When I was done with my garland, I decided to incorporate all of the cute and colorful bows that I found in the catalog in my garland design.

DIY Paper Garland 4

And here is the final product. How do you like it?

Easy DIY Birthday Garland