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Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray review

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Regardless how much time I spent on the beach in summer, when fall comes my skin starts to feel incredibly dry and rough. Whether it’s a climate change or just a price I pay for not protecting my skin enough, but the reality is that every cold season I need to take an extra care of my dry, rough skin. I was thinking that you might experience similar skin problems so I decided to share some of the tips that help me to find an immediate relief from dry skin.

Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray review

Ointment Makes It Easy

Let’s be real here: even though I’m an absolute beauty junkie, oftentimes I completely forget about moisturizing my skin. Yes, you’ve heard me right: I would always find an hour or two on applying makeup, but when it comes to body care, I’m not the most diligent person. For years, I’ve been applying a moisturizing product only when it was already too late and my skin felt incredibly dry and rough. When it happened, I would moisturize for a few days until my skin felt restored… and repeat the same cycle of moisturizing – and non-moisturizing again. I know, it’s definitely not the ideal way to take care of the dry skin problem, but it was me until I finally found the solution.

This season, I tried analyzing why I’ve been constantly putting myself on a rollercoaster of having somewhat moisturized and then super dry and rough skin periods. I came to the conclusion that it’s all about the way I love applying my body products. Typical body oils and creams always seemed like too much work for me, but then I tried Aquaphor® Ointment Body Spray… and my attitude towards body moisturizing has completely changed. By making my moisturizing routine more convenient, I finally found a joy in hydrating my body on a regular basis.

What makes this ointment so different is the way I’m applying it. Aquaphor® Ointment Body Spray features a convenient spray packaging that allows covering even the hardest to reach places like my back. The best part is that it literally takes a few seconds to distribute the ointment all over my body. Just a few spritzes and I’m all set for a full day of radiant and healthy glowing skin.

As you see, moisturizing with Aquaphor® Ointment Body Spray is easy and enjoyable. It never feels like an obligation, but rather like a self-care routine that makes me feel more confident throughout the day. By the way, I almost forgot to mention my favorite trick of using the ointment while I’m wearing mini skirts and dresses. I apply Aquaphor® Ointment Body Spray as usually and then I take a highlighter and put it on in the middle of my shins. Combined together, the ointment and a highlighter make my leg look as glowy as never before!

Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray review

Bathing Habits Revised

For the longest time, I’ve been the biggest proponent of taking baths (with lots of delicious smelling bath salts, of course!), especially during the cold season. Until I realized that such habits actually makes my skin more dry and rough. These days I think about taking a bath not as of my daily ritual, but rather as of emergency solutions when my muscles are sore or I really need to take a time off. When the bathing experience happens, I never-ever skip applying my Aquaphor® Ointment Body Spray as it helps to intensively moisturize my skin that has been exposed to warm temperatures.

Another step that I had to make with the change of the seasons is to start taking less hot showers and limit them to under five minutes. Not only using less water is eco-friendly, but it also so much better for my skin. Think about long hot showers as equivalent to taking hot baths: it might feel good for a moment, but in the long run, it really dehydrates already dry and rough skin. Recently I started working on lowering the temperature of my showers gradually so eventually a take a lukewarm shower instead of a boiling one. My favorite trick is to have an air heater around when I’m trying to lower the temperature of my showers. If the air is not cold, being under cold or lukewarm water doesn’t feel that brutal!

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There you have it: my favorite tips on turning skin from dry and rough to moisturized and glowing. I wonder if you ever tried any of the tips mentioned in this blog post? If so, please let me know in the comments area below how these worked for you. Also feel free to share your tips and tricks on how to keep dry skin under control!

Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray review

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