EB5 Skincare Review & Giveaway

EB5 Facial & Eye Treatment Giveaway

You probably remember my post where I confessed that until recently I rarely used an eye cream. Since that time I went into a phase of eye cream experiments when I purchased many different products and tried to figure out which one works the best for me. Shiseido Bio-Performance Eye Cream that I told you about last time was really good, as is Origins GinZing. I was not satisfied with 40 Carrots Eye Gel and Physicians Formula Hydrating Eye Cream simply disappointed me.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail from EB5 Skincare (that I was not familiar with at that time) to review their line of firming and moisturizing skincare products. I happily agreed as their products are paraben-free and contain some of my favorite ingredients such as Vitamin A (say good bye to wrinkles) and oat kernel flour (similar to Aveeno products; think: no irritation guaranteed). As it turned out, both creams have much more to offer than just the list of awesome ingredients. 

EB5 Facial Treatment EB5 Eye Treatment

Prior to using both products, I tested them on the other side of my arm for allergies (I highly recommend using this strategy to everyone who loves experimenting with skincare and doesn’t like irritated skin). My unofficial ‘allergy test’ came out negative and I was pleased to notice that the arm that I put creams on for testing was smoother than the other arm. Well-well-well, I was thinking, I wonder how well did it work on my face!

As it turned out, both creams are fragrance free which makes it much easier for me to use them at night. Ben doesn’t like it when I use products that smell too strong (for instance, he couldn’t sleep the entire night when I applied Bath & Body Works Forever Midnight Body Lotion). When it comes to consistency, both products are on the thicker side but without feeling too sticky or heavy. I would say, it is a perfect night set that helps your skin to heel, smooth wrinkles, and stay hydrated.

EB5 Eye Treatment blogger review

I love the fact that EB5 Eye Treatment leaves a refreshing aftertaste. I remember reading in Malcolm Gladwell’s book about toothpaste inventors that figured out why people love mint flavor the most: It registers in people’s brain that the ‘mission is accomplished.’ Considering my background of eye cream skipping, I bet that this refreshing product will also somehow register in my head and make me stick to my routine.

When it comes to EB5 Facial Treatment, I think of it as a less expensive (but no less effective) alternative to my favorite Clarins Multi-Active Night Recovery Cream ($62 Clarins vs. $19.99 EB5 is a big difference in price, right?). This is a heavy-duty product for my super dry skin that keeps moisturizing in check. By the way, remember I posted about my recent beauty disaster? I feel that the facial treatment is among those products that helped me to heal quicker.

EB5 Facial Treatment
In other words, both of those products are definitely worth trying. And you know what? The brand offered an exclusive discount for Style Sprinter blog readers where you can receive a 10% discount on your first purchase from the EB5 website. Claim this offer by entering the coupon code BLOGGERGIFT at checkout.

UPDATE (7/27/15): Congratulations to Jessica and Michelle who won EB5 giveaway! The winners have been contacted to receive their prizes. Thanks everyone who participated!