Sneak Peek: EcoTools Product Launches for 2019

When I moved to the U.S. a pharmacy was my favorite place to shop at. There is no makeup sold at drugstores back in Russia where I’m from so it was so fascinating to me. And the first makeup brush brand that I explored at the local pharmacy was EcoTools. I still own a few brushes from that period of my life — I know, it’s called beauty hoarding— so this brand was always close to my heart. Last week, I was invited by EcoTools to preview their new product launches for 2018 and 2019— and I was not disappointed. In this post, I reveal some of the latest and greatest launches by EcoTools coming up to pharmacies and Ulta Beauty stores very soon.

MaskMates DIY Kit

You know how much I’m obsessed with face masks and this do-it-yourself masking kit really speaks to me. It comes with a convenient mask-mixing bowl, a crushing stick, and a mini brush — all you need for the ultimate at-home masking experience.

Ecotools 360 Ultimate Blend Brush Set

360 Ultimate Blend Brush Set

If you are all about makeup innovations, this uniquely shaped brush set is a great option to explore. The softest bristles of this Artiste Brushes-alike set are designed for blending both cream or stick foundations. But you can do much more with this set — for instance, blend your cream contour or cream blush.

EcoTools Custom Match Duo

Custom Match Duo

It’s rare to find a person who can get through life using just one shade of a foundation. Depending on the season and desired foundation finish, it’s great to have a few options around. If you are one of such foundation lovers, this new brush set by EcoTools is for you. You can use a flat brush to mix a few shades of a foundation together in a container that comes with the set. And blend it in with a unique kabuki brush with a soft center — designed to create the perfectly blended finish.

EcoTools Fresh Perfecting Blender

Fresh Perfecting Blender

How often do you wash your makeup sponge? I’m very germaphobic about those things and it always seems like I don’t clean my sponges enough. Guess what, EcoTools came out with a unique solution with these new antibacterial sponges. They are already infused with bacteria-fighting ingredients that prevent microbial build-up, so you can feel safe while blending in your foundation. These new blenders come in different sizes designed for both body and face.

Cleanse & Prep Kit

Everyone knows about the importance of skin exfoliating, but not everyone has the right tools available to do it. In the next season, EcoTools prepared an affordable cleansing tools kit that includes a dry brush, a cleansing brush, and a cute headband. So versatile, so useful, so affordable!

Multi-Tasking Brush-Heads

Our lives are so busy and hectic that oftentimes the only place we can apply makeup is during transportation or on-the-go. For these purposes, EcoTools came out with the concept of retractable dual-sided brushes that take no space in your bag and allow you to create any look in a matter of moments.

Travel Perfecting Blender

This new product is designed to solve everyone’s beauty problem: how to pack your makeup blender for traveling? The solution is very elegant and smart: put it in a plastic container by EcoTools. It looks super cute and helps to protect the shape and freshness of your beauty sponge!

* * * * *

As you see, EcoTools has so many new (and affordable!) releases coming up. And I’m super excited to check them out. Stay tuned for the Holiday 2019 EcoTools reveal. Meanwhile, what’s your favorite EcoTools product that you have in your collection?

EcoTools New Product Launches for 2019