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Did you notice the major feminist trend happening in media at the moment? Growing up in the environment where women empowerment was something only available on paper, I’m super thrilled to see all of the feminist messages out there. In fact, I feel so honored living in a day and time when being a woman finally feels… empowering!

It might be just my personal experience, but back in the 1990s when I grew up, fashion magazines only talked about empowering women. Russian version of Cosmo, Glamour, and even Vogue were promoting the image of a woman who is trying to make it in life… until she manages to meet the love of her life and settle down. While even those career oriented messages felt motivational for me, I’m so much into nowadays message that being who you are is the way to go.

Want to find your love and raise kids together? Do it! Want to concentrate on your career and make an impact in the world? Why are you reading this post? Get up and do it! Think big! Be you! Be powerful!

The only problem that is happening with this over saturation of the empowering messages is the decision fatigue that I see more and more in the younger generation. Yes, theoretically we have all the doors open to make things happen, but there is only a tiny fraction of people who are indeed working on making things done. What about the rest? They are building their plans to change the world… and never end up doing anything!

Agreed: there are much more things that go into being proactive and hustling at its purest. Time, money, effort, all the struggles that we as human beings are trying to avoid, excuses on top of excuses… Decision fatigue is killing so many ideas that it hurts to see people’s dream failing because of it. With the amount of perfectionism than comes into how millennials are making decisions, frequently good ideas are being disregarded simply because other bigger and better ideas are there.

I love listening to The Skinny Confidential Podcast where Michael and Lauryn discuss how getting starting is the best way to make shit done. Sheryl Sandberg raises the same topic in her book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. “Done Is Better Than Perfect,” she claims, and I agree with this notion too. In my humble opinion, it’s more important to act on your idea rather than simply collecting them.

So what about empowerment, you’ll ask? You just said that you are pro-empowerment and now you claim that no one seem to be able to accomplish things. It’s easy: I’d love to see how each and all of us not just speaks about things that they could or plan on doing—but rather do them. Today. Right now! Cause you already have all the support you could possibly hope for to make thing happen.

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