En Route to the Hamptons

Russian Blogger Katya Bychkova (Style Sprinter) en route to the Hamptons

dress // bag // heels // sunglasses // This post is brought to you by GroundLink.

Guys! You probably know that in the summer, Ben and I spend every weekend in the Hamptons. Usually, we drive out of the City on Thursday evening and come back on Monday night in order to avoid traffic. However, every time we drive, I feel like everyone is trying to avoid traffic using the same technique as we are. As a result, it always takes us a few hours to get to our destination. It might not sound like a lot, but if you calculate how much time you spend every week in traffic getting stressed out because of bad drivers, it’s actually A LOT.

This summer, we were thinking to try something new—like leaving the car in the City and taking the bus to East Hampton. It is indeed a solid solution for many New Yorkers but unfortunately not for us.

First of all, we are talking about a fashion blogger who is always packing tons of clothes for the weekend in case there is a photo opportunity (always plenty of gorgeous backgrounds in a sunny East Hampton).

Second of all, the closest Hampton Jitney stop to our house is about 15 blocks away, so I need to order a cab to get to the bus so I can go to the Hamptons. It’s too complicated and too time consuming!

Finally, we always travel with Lilu, and she is anything but an easy traveler. Well, actually she is a good and quiet dog if you are carrying her on your lap (that is what I usually do when Ben drives and vice versa). If you take a Jitney, pets must sit in a carrier bag under your seat. Well, not with my sweet Lilusik. She will be whining for hours until her mommy picks her up and pets her. She will stare at you nonstop with a look of blame on her face and shamelessly pee all over her bag. It’s a disaster! I never told you about the 10-hour flight from Russia that Lilusik and I took this winter—it was one of the most exhausting trips I’ve ever experienced in my life thanks to my newly adopted Russian puppy.

GroundLink Car Service to the Hamptons Review

To make a long story short, the bus didn’t prove to be a handy solution for us. What really worked, though, was a GroundLink limo service that specializes in trips to the East End. I tested their services this weekend, and it worked perfectly well for us! In fact, staying in traffic has never been more enjoyable for me!

First of all, you can book and track your GroundLink car online (an on your phone). Identify your pickup and drop-off locations, choose the desired time and even a car model—and you are all set. You will receive an email confirmation with your order as well as a link where you can add your ride to your calendar (which is perfect for such a control freak as I am). Then, on the day of the trip, you will receive text message reminders about the trip—so handy!

Second of all, GroundLink is totally fine if you are traveling with the dogs. As long as it’s under seven pounds, you can carry a dog on your lap during the trip and even request stops if your pet needs to do her little dirty things on the way to your final destination. I was surprised that instead of asking me to pet her, Lilusik secured an entire section of the couch on the back seat and slept during the entire drive.

Lastly, I finally experienced what it feels like not to stress out during the ride. Yes, we still were stuck in traffic, but since I was not driving, I totally disconnected from the entire situation. I put my audiobook on (Have you tried Audible? It’s a life changer!), got through my magazines, and enjoyed my kombucha. It was a truly enjoyable and relaxing experience! The car GroundLink provided me with was so big and so smooth while driving that I could have easily worked for a few hours if I felt like doing it (not that time—I wanted it to be a truly “me” time!).

In other words, this first experience with limo-ing to the Hamptons was a blast! Since I traveled this time alone (Ben went to a concert with a friend and joined Lilusik and me the next day), I immediately called him and told him about my exciting new discovery. Ben’s working schedule is very busy these days, and he agreed that booking a limo where he can work instead of just driving and stressing out about the traffic is a great solution for us. Whether we feel like napping prior to a big party in the Hamptons, taking phone calls, or working on a laptop, the limo is much more convenient than driving yourself or squeezing in the tiny chairs of an East-bound bus. Saying so, we are planning to try leaving the car in the Hamptons for the next weekend and driving back using a GroundLink car!

If you are thinking about taking a GroundLink car to the Hamptons too, here is a special offer for you. Save an additional $20 off luxury sedan prices and $30 off SUV bookings when you download GroundLink app and use the promo code HAMPTONS. Also, make sure to check out company’s website (www.groundlink.com/hamptons) or call the company’s 24/7 reservations line at 1-855-231-9684.

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  • Steph K

    Your outfit is fabulous! Have a great time in the Hamptons!

    xO – Steph

  • Nicole C.

    Love your dress! Enjoy the Hamptons 🙂 XO, Nicole

  • Have a great time, I’ve always wanted to visit the Hamptons. Cute doggie too 🙂


  • Victoria G

    Such a fun look perfect for the summer! I’ve always wanted to visit the Hamptons 🙂

  • Super cute dress! GroundLink sounds like a great service and it beats doing the driving yourself! By the way Lilu is such a little cutie!

    xo, Jackie

  • What a cute pup! I’m with you on the driving – it’s probably better to opt for easier options but having your own car is such a convenience!

    Rachel / http://www.seashellsandsparkles.com

  • Allison Gallagher

    Such a cute look! And what a fun post!


  • That’s great that you found a method that let you take all your clothes and your cute little pup 🙂 I hope you guys have an awesome time there this weekend!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    • Thank you for your sweet comment, Mili! Yes, it was a truly amazing experience! Lilusik loved it so much! And I was highly satisfied too!

  • Love your outfit! That dress is so cute on you! And your doggy is adorable – even if she does pee on the bag haha. My dog always did that too! So tiring…

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com

    • Thank you so much, Mikela! Yes, Lilusik could be difficult sometimes, but she acted very good that time. I believe it’s all because she loves luxury LOL