Lookbook: What to Wear in Europe

Lookbook - What to Pack to Europe Trip

My vacation is a month away but I already started thinking about what to bring with me on my European vacation. I’ll be packing for visiting multiple cities in one suitcase — and it could be challenging. Today I’m collaborating with three of my favorite shoe brands, Pour La Victoire, Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn, and Rocket Dog to share with you some of the outfits that I’m planning on wearing during my vacation in Europe.

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Lookbook - What to Pack to Europe Trip


It was not until I changed my hair color to red that I can finally wear beige clothes. Before this drastic hair color change, I looked too pale in neutral colored clothes. And now I feel that I could pull off any pastel color of my liking. For instance, this super feminine lace one shoulder dress by LoveShackFancy. While it was probably designed for some special occasions, I’m planning on wearing it as a day dress as it perfectly matches my new and shiny Pour La Victoire slides.

This flat shoe features beautifully styled flowers on the front and otherwise minimalistic design which makes it such a versatile piece for vacation. I’m planning on packing these slides because I could wear them with trousers, dresses, and even swimsuits — and they will always look fabulous. I’m not sure if I’m 100% packing this floral clutch tough as it’s so gentle and I worry that it might get ruined during transportation. What do you think, guys? Would you bring such fragile purse on a vacation? Please let me know in the comments area below!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Pour La Victoire Sandals // LoveShackFancy Dress (similar dresses// Aldo Clutch // Latelita Necklace

Lookbook - What to Pack to Europe Trip


If you remember my post about why I’m not wearing jeans, you’ll probably be surprised seeing me in denim. To be honest, I was surprised too when I accidentally found these super stretchy and comfy crop jeans. For starters, I rarely shop in person (but I’m a self-proclaimed master of online shopping!), but I was truly amazed when I was able to find a pair of jeans that actually fit. Not only the fabric on these affordable pants is soft and comfortable to wear, these trendy jeans end up perfectly matching my new pointy toe slides by Pour La Victoire.

Before I started experimenting with denim, I’ve been wearing these shoes with dresses and skirts (and they matched so many outfits!), but the fringe finish on my jeans brings a completely different meaning to this It-shoe. I feel that the unique shoe design combined with an eye-catchy fringe accentuates one another and brings this casual outfit on a completely different level. I see myself wearing this outfit for a day at a museum (not the touristy one when you are expected to walk for hours without the opportunity to truly enjoy art, but a private one with long stops that allow reflecting) or, perhaps, at lunch in some cozy cafe somewhere in Spain.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Pour La Victoire Daria Slide // Fringe Crop Jeans // Button-Down Shirt // Kate Spade Small Abigail Satchel (red and black) // Urban Outfitters Readers


Being a fan of red color in general, I couldn’t resist this playful and fun open back dress by Kate Spade that happened to perfectly match my essential bow sandals by Pour La Victoire. If you remember my post on what to pack to the Hamptons, you probably remember my ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ about this comfortable and chic shoe. I’ve been wearing it everywhere in the Hamptons this summer and I’m definitely packing it to my upcoming trip to Europe. Think about all of the sightseeing and walking in the city activities and you’ll realize that a pair of comfortable flats is something crucial for any European vacation wardrobe.

If you read my blog, you know that I’m not a big fan of pants and shorts and I will choose a cute dress over any casual clothing without even blinking. For me, it’s so easy to put on a dress and don’t think about matching it with all other pieces of clothing and accessories — I just grab my bag and go. Well, it’s not counting an hour or so that I could easily spend on my skincare and makeup! But you’ve got the gist out of it: I plan on packing to Europe lots of casual dresses and a few handbag-shoe options to make my getting ready ritual as quick as possible.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Pour La Victoire Lava Sandal // Kate Spade Geo Border Pleated Dress // Valley Eyewear Depotism Sunglasses // Choker Necklace // Heart-Shaped Shoulder Bag

Lookbook What to Wear in Europe 1


There is something about ruffles that immediately catches my attention. Take, for instance, this dress. It’s not your typical off the shoulder ruffle dress silhouette that I saw so many times on Instagram that I can’t stand it anymore. Instead, it’s a piece of art that combines so many trendy elements in one (ruffles, cut outs, lace-up, and bell sleeves) and somehow still doesn’t looks cute. I think the solid light blue color might be an explanation so is the balanced length of all the elements, but the point is that I can’t stop obsessing about this “too much” kind of dress. It is indeed too much from so many perspectives, but that what’s making it so unique and fun.

To match the too much dress, I picked a pair of silver sandals by Pour La Victoire that I’ve been wearing non-stop this season. There is something universally flattering and chic about this wide heel sandal which makes it incredibly easy to match with any attire. Ever since my post on how to make your waist look smaller, I basically forgot about any other sandals in my collection except this one. It’s just so comfy and essential in my collection that I can’t recommend it enough. Another great thing about this shoe is that it matches my favorite Zac Posen mini bag that I purchased last year or so but still find myself wearing it consistently. It’s small enough to be a perfect evening bag, while it’s big enough to fit my phone. In my humble opinion, that’s the exact thing one should be looking for an ideal travel bag — it’s a truly versatile piece that will not take too much space in your suitcase.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Pour La Victoire Hazel Sandal // C/Meo Collective Lose Control Mini Dress // Zac Posen Mini Bag

Lookbook What to Wear in Europe 1


Similar to the US weather in Europe could be unpredictable. For such situations, I’m planning on bringing just one super warm outfit — which also happens to be one of the most comfortable in this lookbook. I recently saw this sweater at the H&M windows and I purchased it immediately even without trying it on as it reflected my mood at the moment. I felt too exhausted and overwhelmed and I just wanted to have a quiet space for myself. Such “motivational” slogan seemed like the right move to take — and I’m loving this sweater immensely. Granted: it’s not made out of cashmere or designed by a high-end brand, but it spoke to me and I don’t regret that purchase.

I matched this sweater with comfy oversized pants by the same brand and textile white sneakers by Rocket Dog for added comfort. I also took out of my closet old good favorites of mine — a lip mark round clutch and a lip bracelet. I don’t really know why I am so into this white and red combo, but I’m totally loving it! By the way, what do you guys think about this white turban idea? Is it a yay or nay?

OUTFIT DETAILS: Rocket Dog Campo Sneakers (25% off with the code FRIENDS25; deal ends on August 21st) // H&M Get Off My Back Sweater // H&M Red Pants // Lips Bracelet // Lips Handbag (lots of lip accessories here)

Lookbook What to Wear in Europe 1


I saw so many celebrities wearing lace-up T-shirt dresses that I wanted to own a wide belt myself. While I was not able to find a perfect casual dress to wear it with, I figured that this girly A-line dress will work just fine. I feel that packing such belt would be a great idea for my upcoming trip to Europe as could wear it with different types of T-shirts and dresses so they look a bit different every time I style them.

Wearing such muted colors outfit also allows me to wear my Chanel bag that doesn’t get enough love in my closet. While I’ve been wearing it a lot during the spring season, it just didn’t match any of my summer clothes and shoes until I got my hands on these comfy heeled sandals by Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn. These look so urbanistic and trendy and I feel that it would be a great pair to wear with my new fringe jeans too.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Metro Sandal // H&M Floral A-Line Dress // Lace-Up Corset Belt // Chanel Bag (lots of discounted Chanel bags here)

* * * * *

That was it for now when it comes to my Europe packing list. I’m sure that the list of the outfits will expand closer to the departure date, but for now I think I’m all set with at least these staple outfits for my upcoming trip. I wonder if you have any recommendations on what to pack for my upcoming European trip? Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments area below!