Fall Shoes: Styles That Made the Cut

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Shoes of all variations are something that I never stop looking for, regardless of the season. First, there’s a notion of comfort — try running around the city in too tight or painful shoes, and your whole day will be affected. Then, it’s about versatility and style. With my new more neutral wardrobe, quality shoes are something that will make or break the look.

Saying so, last week I received some of my online shoe orders, stopped by the shoe floor at Bloomies, and… found the shoes of my dream! More of that in today’s episode of Keep vs Return.

Miu Miu Camoscio Crystal Slingback Pumps

Miu Miu Camoscio Crystal Slingback Pumps

Let’s start with the pair I can’t stop talking about (and the one you see styled in the cover image of this post). I was looking for a perfect pair of nude heels that are comfy and not boring and I think I hit a homerun! My friend Lora and I were looking for fall boots at Bloomies… And I saw them, shining from another corner. Perfectly pointy, instantly comfortable, and forever loved. No words to describe — I just love them so much!

Shop: Miu Miu Camoscio Pumps (choose from blush pink, black, silver, and red).

Price Point: $795 + free shipping.

Status: Keep and love forever!

Atlantic Pacific x Halogen Helenah Gabriela Platform Oxford

Atlantic Pacific x Halogen Helenah Gabriela Platform Oxford

As you remember from my post about Atlantic Pacific x Halogen collection, I ordered two pairs of shoes immediately after the collection launched… and none of them was my size. Well, technically I could wear them on bare feet… But considering that cold season is coming up soon, I wanted to get them a half size bigger. The color of those cute oxfords really stands out for me and I want to have something as casual and cute in my wardrobe. So I’ll be exchanging those and (hopefully!) loving to rock these for my adventures in the city.

Shop: Gabriela Platform Oxford (choose from blush pink, black, plaid, and red).

Price Point: $109.95 + free shipping.

Status: Exchanged for a bigger size.

Atlantic Pacific x Halogen Helenah Mary Jane Pump

Atlantic Pacific x Halogen Helenah Mary Jane Pump

What didn’t work out for me from that Nordstrom order is that pump. Don’t get me wrong: I love how these shoes look and fit, but after trying them on with anything and everything in my wardrobe I learned that there’s a very limiting number of pieces I could style them with. Granted: I already ordered two pairs of plaid print pumps to rock the total plaid look, but that probably will be the one and only occasion I’ll be wearing them. In other words, I decided to be a smart shopper and skip on those cute but not super versatile pumps.

Shop: Helenah Mary Jane Pump (choose from blush pink, black, and plaid).

Price Point: $99.95 + free shipping.

Status: Returned.

* * * * *

That was it with my recent shoe purchases. Of course, I tried so many more while in-person at the store but I wanted to share with you only those styles that I actually pulled the plug for purchasing. Hopefully, this explanation of my shoe shopping strategy gave you some clues on fall shoe styles. And if you need more recommendations on a specific shoe model, please let me know in the comments and I’ll try to find something cute for you!


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