Fall Shoes I’m Wearing On Repeat

Fall Shoes I'm Wearing On Repeat

My number one priority for this fall was updating my fall shoes. After years of collecting shoes that were… well, collecting dust for the reasons of being uncomfortable, I donated a bunch of blisters-provoking pairs. My recent fall shoe finds are surprisingly comfortable and seem to fit well with my entire fall wardrobe. Isn’t it a win-win? Today, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of each pair I’m currently wearing on repeat.

Valentino Roman Stud 80mm Slingbacks

Valentino Roman Stud 80mm Slingbacks

Knowing that Valentino’s rockstuds are some of the most comfortable heels in my collection, I immediately put my eye on the latest version of this classy style. The Roman Stud collection by the fashion house features an oversized version of Valentino’s signature stud.

The shoe – I decided on the matte nude version – is as comfortable as the previous style, but with a  slightly more noticeable “wow” factor.

How to style: I’ve worn my Roman Stud Slingbacks with dresses, cropped pants, jeans, short suits, jumpsuits, and midi skirts –  they seem to be the most versatile style I’ve ever owned.

Comfort level: 10 out of 10.

Aquazzura Twist 75mm Two-Tones Leather Mules

Aquazzura Twist 75mm Two-Tones Leather Mules

I tried the sandal version of this shoe while shopping at Intermix in East Hampton, and I knew immediately that the leather these mules are made of will make them the most comfortable shoes ever. I decided to go with a closed-toe shoe design though as figured it’s more fall appropriate. And it was a great decision!

The elongated toe design of those mules as well as their two-tones design made them the ultimate go-to shoe in my collection. I can walk hours and hours on those heels and never get blisters. And the classy beige and the black color combo make it super versatile for any occasion.

How to style it: This shoe makes denim look more classy and monochrome look more timeless. In my fall wardrobe, this shoe looks great with every single piece of clothes I own.

Comfort level: 10 out of 10.

Gucci Brixton Leather Horsebit Loafers

Gucci Brixton Leather Horsebit Loafers

I didn’t know I need loafers in my wardrobe until I tried those on and my feet felt like in heaven. I’ve never been a flat shoe kind of girl – because of my high arch it’s often uncomfortable for me to wear ballerina pumps or flat sandals – but those classy loafers are an exception.

I initially tried on the slipper version but decided on loafers instead because those feature a super soft heel which allows wearing that shoe in two styles. I mostly wear them as mules while driving and as loafers when walking.

How to style it: This loafer will suit any casual look, from typical jeans with a tee look to more trendy rib-knit co-ords. Another fun idea: put on knee-high fashion socks to create a fun preppy look.

Comfort level: 9 out of 10 because I have a piece of leather popping out on the insole which I feel while walking. I need to bring those to a cobbler to glue the insole better.

Valentino Roman Stud Brushed Calfskin 30 mm Loafers

Valentino Roman Stud Brushed Calfskin 30 mm Loafers

Initially, I purchased two pairs of loafers to choose from – Gucci and Valentino. I already knew that Brixton Loafers would be the best option comfort-wise. But the super sleek and stylish look of the Roman Stud Loafer made me want to keep them both.

As it turned out, my fashion intuition was right: the Gucci loafer was indeed super comfy, and the Valentino loafers… were more about the looks than comfort. During the first day of wearing those, I put on socks to protect my heels but still got terrible blisters.

Finally, I purchased almost unnoticeable clear heel protectors from Amazon, and my life became so much easier. But even now, with all that extra help, I would only wear the Roman Stud loafer on occasions when I don’t need to walk a lot.

How to style it: This shoe speaks for itself. Pair it with a casual or even more fashionable look, and you’ll receive tons of compliments on your new shiny loafers.

Comfort level: With heel inserts, these are still 6 out of 10 for me. The leather on these loafers is very thick and hard which rubs my heels so much. But on the toes area, these are pretty comfortable.

* * * * *

Which fall shoe style do you prefer to wear? Is comfort the number one priority for you while picking shoes?


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