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Aerosoles Rufflection Ankle Boots (c/o) / Yoins Retro Double Wing Ring (c/o)

We are half way through the fall, but I still have tons of unfinished projects on my end of the year to-do list. I was thinking that sharing my plans with others might help me to be more productive and at the same time stop worrying that I am not accomplishing as many projects as I wish. At the end of the day, a good plan is a one step towards accomplishing your goal, and I am aiming to complete at least 10 goals by the end of this year. Read up as I am collaborating with Aerosoles to share with you a condensed list of some of the other things I plan on doing this fall.

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But before heading to the actual list, I would like to introduce you to the new boots in my collection, Aerosoles Rufflection Ankle Boots (c/o). If you follow my blog for a while, you probably know that I am not casual outfit sort of girl. For me, even the most down to earth weekend outfit should look at least somewhat refined and chic. Same goes for shoes. I usually choose heels, but wearing 6-inch stilettos daily is simply impossible. Instead, I go for timeless, low or medium heel boots and booties. For instance, those ankle boots by Aerosoles are essential for these days when I am at the college from 8 in the morning to 10 at night. They designed to distribute your body weight toward your heel so your feet is not getting tired.

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Now, when you know what I am wearing, let’s talk about some of the projects that are on my to-do list this fall.

#1: Translate my blog into Russian. I started doing it about a year ago, but realized that I was not fully prepared to blog in two languages. For starters, it takes twice as much time as writing a single language blog, not to mention double work on social media promotion. However, after attending Fashionista Conference I realized that translating my content into two languages is crucial so I am hoping to transition into a duo language blog by the end of this year.

#2: Master my French. As it turned out, learning a new language is not as easy as I was thinking. It definitely takes a lot of time out of my day, not to mention all the stress associated with exams and quizzes. However, I still feel very much dedicated to become fluent in French. Perhaps, I shall reward myself with a trip to Paris once this mission is accomplished? Oh my, I hope I can do it!

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#3: Update my photo equipment. I guess many bloggers are struggling with how to improve their photography, and I am not the exception. While I feel very lucky and grateful to have Vital on my team who is a professional of the highest level in fashion photography, every once in a while I do need to take photos by myself, and I need some extra tools for that. On top of my photo equipment list is a Fluorescent Ring Light by MyRingLight which is a must-have tool for taking makeup photos and shooting video tutorials. It requires a separate stand CowboyStudio Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand with Case and a tripod for the camera (Lightweight 57-inch Professional Camera Tripod). Oh yes, in case you wondered, I am using a Sony Alpha 6000 camera to take photos like that.

#4: Finish with apartment renovations. As you know, a house renovation is a never ending process, and we are still working on finding some essentials such as new curtains, a bookshelf, and new art for the living room.

Yoins Retro Double Wing Ring

#5: Make my newsletter more fun. If you subscribe to my blog, you probably noticed that I switched from weekday updates to just one newsletter per week. By doing so, I am trying to provide my readers more value. My goal is to not simply restate what people can find on the blog each work day, but rather provide some exclusive information available for my subscribers only. Amongst the projects I am working now is a weekly giveaway for subscribers only that I am planning to start some time in November. Stay tuned!

#6: Find a perfect coffee machine. I was hunting for a coffee machine during Columbus Day sales, but the price and features of the coffee machines just didn’t feel right. I am still reading online reviews and asking for peoples’ opinions (please share yours!) as I am planning to finally make a purchase during the Black Friday.

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#7: Take our friends to a Korean Spa. I love everything Korean, especially an amazing King Spa center located in New Jersey. It features more than a dozen of different saunas and a room where you can get a massage, mani-pedi, or simply just take a nap. It takes a certain amount of effort and scheduling to plan a trip to NJ, but this season I am definitely planning to find the time for a day of affordable and luxurious Spa treatments with my friends.

#8: Become more consistent with my boxing classes. As I am working from home, there is much more distractions that disturb my regular working out schedule: a meeting, a bloggers’ event, exam preparation, etc. I am putting my workout schedule on the calendar, but it is not working at 100% of the times. Taking care of your body takes a lot of effort and consistency, and I am planning to dedicate a bit more time on investing in my health.

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#9: Find time to attend Art Basel. Last year’s trip to Miami was a blast and we would love to attend Art Basel this year too, but we still need to figure out the timing. It’s great to take a short break in the middle of the cold season, but we have to make sure that this trip will not interfere with my exam preparation.

#10: Stop freaking out about turning 30. The realization that I am hitting the thirties came suddenly and I feel that I am not prepared to answer myself a question, “What I accomplished by the age of 30.” I definitely think about age-related issues these days, and one of the goals for these pre-Birthday months is to stop obsessing about the numbers and just enjoy my last days of the twentieth.

I hope you found something helpful in my today’s post. I also hope that this casual and cozy look as I would like to kindly ask you to vote for me in Aerosoles Style Off contest! Basically, it is a Facebook competition for fashion bloggers where the brand’s followers can vote for which blogger “wore best” some of the fall styles by Aerosoles. The voting will take place on November 16, 2015 at the Aerosoles Facebook page. I will keep you posted via newsletter and Twitter (hashtag #fashionthatfeelsgood) on when the contest is open for voting. It’s one of the rare contests that I am taking a part in and I will really appreciate if you could support me with your vote! Thank you in advance!

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Ferre Jacket (sold out; similar) / Burberry Brit Pants (on sale now)
SheIn Lace Top (c/o) / DVF Olivia Clutch (sold out; similar)
Aerosoles Rufflection Ankle Boots (c/o) / Yoins Retro Double Wing Ring (c/o)