February Beauty Favorites

StyleSprinter - February Beauty Favorites

Even though February is the hectic month when New York Fashion Week happens, nevertheless this season I had a chance to test a lot of makeup and beauty products. As you will notice, I tested quite a few high-end and luxury beauty products this past month, as well as a few affordable discoveries. I also decided to start separating my favorites from “empties” as the post already turn out so long. What do you think if I write a separate post about the products that I’ve used up around the 15th of each month? Please let me know in the comments area below if it’s something you’d love to read on the blog. Okay, and now here come my February beauty favorites…

*Viktor and Rolf Magic Liquid Diamonds: First and foremost, I found my new favorite fragrance! I received a package with two scents from the brand’s newest fragrance collection and was planning on testing them one after another. Guess what? After just one day of wearing Liquid Diamonds I completely forgot about this promise and continues wearing this one scent ever since! I would describe this perfume as a scent of a Sunday morning: when a sunlight sneaked under your curtains so you woke up in a clean and organized apartment and have a full day for yourself. It’s a fresh yet not a stereotypically “fresh” scent that totally speaks to me. The scent might seem unremarkable if you just read a fragrance note description, but when you apply it on your skin, you immediately start thinking, “Where’ve you been all my life?”

*La Mer Creme De La Mer: My last year’s Instagram post about this cream gained the biggest amount of comments I ever thought of. Everyone wanted to know whether this cult cream is actually worth the hype. I’m almost done with this jar and I have to say that it’s worth every single penny, especially if you have dry skin. Creme De La Mer has a thicker consistency than your typical cream so it requires a special technique to apply (first onto your palm, and then, when you warmed the cream up, onto your skin). To say that this cream leaves your skin moist and plump is to say nothing—I literally noticed the difference compared to many other night creams in a matter of days. So if you ask me whether it’s a good one, I would say that the “miracle broth” is actually working! And I’m looking forward to exploring other items by the brand, especially because since this week La Mer is available at Sephora!

*Estee Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam: Talking about the nighttime skincare, this cleanser is the one I’ve been using the most during the past month or so (after I remove all of makeup with micellar water). It feels lightweight, it smells delicious, it’s effective in removing the makeup residue, it never makes my skin feel dry, it’s anti-aging… The list could go on and on! To put simply, this product literally changed my nighttime routine game and there is no way I’m going to switch to any other cleanser. It’s just so perfect!

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Treatment: This exfoliating treatment also known as “Hollywood’s 2-Minute Facial” is not a new product for me, but rather a re-discovered one. I went through the entire full-size bottle of it a few years ago, but somehow never repurchased it. When I received this deluxe sample in my BeautyCon box, I rediscovered my love for this product as it really helps to clean up the skin in a matter of minutes. I love using it before a mask as I feel that such approach makes all the ingredients from the mask absorb deeper into my skin and thus act more effectively.

StyleSprinter - February Beauty Favorites

Eve Lom Rescue Mask: Talking about masks, this sample from one of my beauty boxes has been a perfect match to the ExfoliKate Treatment. On the days when I feel that my pores are clogged I apply this mask after exfoliating and leave it on for 15 minutes. The mask immediately shrinks pores, eliminates the oily look on the T-zone, and makes you feel that your skin just got a spring clean. That’s definitely one of the masks that I’ll be repurchasing.

*June Jacobs Intensive Age Defying Hydrating Masque: While deep cleanse is important every now and then, what my skin actually needs is a proper hydration—especially during this season. One of the hydrating masks that I’ve been loving lately is this one by June Jacobs. I tried it first time when my skin felt extremely tight and dehydrated and it literally sucked into my skin and transformed the appearance of the dry patches. While this product is specifically designed for aging skin, I found that it works perfectly for my dehydrated but not yet mature skin. These days, I apply this mask as opposed to the sheet masks prior to the important event as it delivers an immediate plumping and nourishing that my skin needs so much.

*Patchology Lip Renewal Mask: Finally, there is this gel mask for lips that I’ve been reaching out to on the days I’m planning on wearing a liquid lipstick. A lot of people ask me how my lips never look dry even when I wear even the most drying liquid lipstick—and my response is to apply lip oils regularly and use a lip mask the day you are planning on wearing a liquid lipstick. Basically, this product feels like your typical under eye gel mask (it comes in a lip shape though). What it does is delivering moisture onto your lips and instantly smoothing them out. By using this mask I ensure that the liquid lipstick application process is so much easier and the final look is so much smoother.

Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum: I have no idea why most of my favorites this month are high-end products. I guess I don’t mind paying more for product that’s a bomb! As I mentioned in my January Beauty Favorites post, I switched to applying sweet almond oil on my skin at night as it helps to lock moisture in my skin. This body serum by Vaseline is the product that I use in the morning—because oil can leave marks on your clothes! I purchased a full size of this serum in December—it came in a package with a razor and a shaving cream. I used up the entire jar and recently purchased a new full-size bottle. I really love a lightweight formula of this body serum and a luxurious scent of the product and plan on continuing using this product. It’s a really good one!

StyleSprinter - February Beauty Favorites

*Flower Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette: On the days when I’m taking photos or want my highlighter to blind people, I apply one of the pigmented and so shimmery shades from this highlighter palette by Flower Beauty. It’s been my first product from the Drew Barrymore’s makeup line and this impressive palette definitely force me to want more items from the line: like this eyeshadow palette and this beautiful setting powder.

Too Faced Melted Matte in It’s Happening: After finishing the entire tube of Lady Balls shade from this line, I switched my attention to this gorgeous hot pink shade. Similar to the other product from the lane, this liquid lipstick looks extremely pigmented and wears for such a long time that I can’t stop wearing it. Undoubtedly, the Melted Matte formula is my favorite lipstick launch of 2016.

*Clare Blanc Minerals Blush in Japanese Cherry 707: The products from this line was my first introduction to the mineral makeup trend that constitutes not only in the shape of mineral powder, but all sorts of mineral makeup products. While I absolutely loved all of the products from the line (makeup tutorial is coming up next week!) this particular blush shade literally stole my heart. It comes in such perfect shade of pink that blends like heaven and looks stunning on pale skin.

*Kevyn Aucoin The Neo Limelight: This is by far the most beautiful and luxurious looking highlighter in my collection. I adore the ombre violet look of this product and the fact that it looks glowy and luxurious on my skin. Even though it might seem like a bit of unusual shade for a highlighter, it actually provides a very wearable and unique finish that I simply adore. If you are a highlighter lover, this product is a must-have in your collection!

StyleSprinter - February Beauty Favorites

ColourPop Where The Night Is Eyeshadow Set: I don’t know why I waited for so long to try ColourPop eyeshadows, but I finally did it and now I’m obsessed! There is something unique about the consistency of those metallic eyeshadows that make them look like powder and apply like cream–I really love the finish ColourPop eyeshadows provide and especially this set designed in collaboration with a YouTuber Kathleen Lights.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks in Phone Call, Wired, Firebird, and Wonderland: Talking about moisturizing lipstick formulas, this Urban Decay launch has been the one I was all about for the last few months. In comparison to liquid lipsticks that make your lips feel and look dry, this product actually hydrates your lips—while staying incredibly pigmented and gorgeous looking on your lips.

*Essence 2-in-1 Eyeshadow & Primer: It’s a great affordable alternative to high-end eyeshadow primers that prolongs the wearability of eyeshadows and ensures smooth blending. All of the other eyeshadow primers in my collection come in a tube and I enjoyed that this particular one is actually a jar. Such design decision makes it easier to access the product with a flat brush.

*Elizabeth Arden Liquid Lipstick in #08 Passionate Peach: Talking about liquid lipsticks, this one has been my favorite everyday product. It features a super handy applicator that allows to evenly distribute the product on the lips—in a way that it feels like you are applying a lip gloss. However, it’s really a liquid lipstick that provides a beautiful full coverage and lasts all day. Also, this liquid lipstick is one of those rare products that do not make your lips look or feel dry—I would compare the comfort of wearing this product with a moisturizing lip gloss. This lipstick goes for $22 and I feel that it’s one of the most underrated liquid lipsticks—I feel like everyone needs to have at least one of those in their collection.

StyleSprinter - February Beauty Favorites

*Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Streak: The blush from this mini palette is the most durable product I’ve tried lately and I love that it motivates me to think outside the box when it comes to a blush shade. As opposed to my typical pink blushes, this one is close to the apricot shade and surprisingly this unique works great for my skin tone. I also love applying a highlighter from this palette under the brow as it provides a beautiful golden shine.

*Pixi by Petra Clear Brow Gel: I’m kind of over my regular brow gel by Anastasia Beverly Hills as I’ve been using it for the past few years so lately I started exploring some of the newest and more affordable options. My current favorite brow gel is this one by Pixi. It’s very affordable and it really makes the job done when it comes to keeping my brows in place. As of now, I have this mini version that came in this brow and lash kit and I’m definitely planning on repurchasing it.

*Clarins Supra Volume Mascara: I tried this mascara in my Radiant #GirlBoss Makeup Tutorial and I couldn’t stop wearing this mascara ever since. Volume is what I value the most while looking for mascara and this luxury product delivers lots of it. I love the fact that this product doesn’t have this oil paint smell as many other mascaras do and it applies very evenly. Also, it works for sensitive eyes like mine and never flakes. What else could I say? It’s the absolute perfection in a tube!

*Pixi by Petra Strobe & Sculpt Brush: While I’m still testing all of the products from Pixi’s latest collaborations with beauty bloggers and YouTubers, I already had my hands on this brush. In fact, I couldn’t put it down as it does such a great job with blending blush, applying bronzer, and even fixing some foundation application mistakes. While I rarely recommend any brushes on the blog as there are way too many great options available, this one is an absolute must-have—especially because you pay just $14 for a two-sided brush.

* * * * *

That was it for my favorites of the month. Please leave a comment below if you tested any of the products from the list and let’s compare our opinions. Also, if there is any makeup, skincare, or haircare product you really loved lately, please let me know too—as I’m always looking to explore even more great beauty products.

  • Love those lippies and I need to try color pop!

  • What an amazing list of favourites, Katya! I’m about to finish my current eyeshadow primer and I plan to repurchase my old favourite from Essence but I might give this 2 in 1 primer a try instead.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Which one was your old favorite, Shireen? It’s the first primer by the brand I tried and I really love it. I also recently tried EDEN by Urban Decay and I loved that one too!

      • My old favourite is the original Essence eyeshadow primer, the one with the wand I think. I also love the original Urban Decay eyeshadow primer!

        • Thanks for letting me know! I was okay using the original UD primer (was not a fan though) but the new one (it’s called Eden) is amazing! Much better than the original one!

  • Ever since I tried Colourpop shadows I’ve become obsessed! They’re so unique and amazing. Love your photos!


  • Caroline Nycek

    omg colourpop is my jam, i’m literally obsessed!

  • Lisa Mao

    colour pop has been one of my fav brands when it comes to eyeshadows! I love that its usually quite shimmery and the cream style of application is just a dream because theres no fall out to smudge the rest of my makeup – i especially love that colour you have in the picture!! Is that a sort of gunmetal grey?
    Also been curious about that melted lippie from two faced – would you say its as long lasting as the Smashbox 8 hour wear lipstick or no?


  • Love this post and all the wonderful products that you’re sharing on it. I’m a makeup lover and I’m always on the loop to find new good products and shades to enhance woman’s natural beauty. Thanks for sharing, I will carefully read it again and will buy some.

    Have a nice weekend!



  • Jennifer Quattrucci

    Such an amazing post ! I’ve been wanting to try the Kate Somerville product and now after hearing your thoughts I know I must ! I would definitely be interested in hearing about your empties in the middle of each month . I would find it extremely helpful!

  • christine

    Wow there are so many amazing beauty products here some of which I already use and love. I definitely love the ExfoliKate, La Mer products, the PixiBeauty brush and palettes. I have been wanting to try the ColorPop shades and that Kevyn Aucoin palette too. Thanks for sharing your favs. xoxo, Christine

  • Lolly Chase

    That wake up for make up little pouch is too cute! I think it’s a great idea to write a separate post on the 15th, I’d love to read that! You always have the most amazing products on review and I’m definitely looking to try the Eve Lom Rescue Mask this time around. I feel like I haven’t found a great mask, so this is next on my list! My pores are giving me way too many problems!!

    xoxo, Candi

  • Amazing post babe! Thanks for giving us such a detailed review of these! Of course I’d love a monthly post about this, it would be so helpful!
    Thanks for sharing babe. Can’t wait for the next!

  • This review is packed with great information on some amazing beauty products. I found your review of the La Mer cream really helpful. Have you tried the eye cream as well? I’ve been curious about it but the price is steep. I use the Kate Somerville Retasphere (and I love it) and I just put the ExfoliKate on my shopping list. I’m going to go down this handy list and try as many products as I can! Thanks beautiful!

    Love, Liz

  • Sarah Atiq

    Katya, I always look forward to reading your posts. You always answer so many questions that I have about certain products. I have always wanted to try La Mer, it’s amazing to know that it works. But I have combination skin and because I live in a humid climate, I can’t apply very heavy creams. But you are totally tempting me to try out the Victor and Rolf perfume. And the Kate Somerville treatment sounds amazing, I am going to check it out in Sephora. Thanks for sharing your favourites with us.


  • Ohhhh Good Darling, such a Good selections and Beauty Heaven:)
    I can’t even decide what to try First!
    La Mer is a really Nice Brand and always wanted to Try:) It is time:)
    PixiBeauty was another Brand what I always wanted to try and even though that I red many Reviews I never did before:) I think now I will:)
    Would Be Fantastic to read monthly such a detailed post Darling;) It would be sooo Helpful:)
    Kisses Karina

  • Not going to lie, my eyes were drawn to skincare items, and I spotted many of my favorites as well. For example, I agree that the La Mer cream is amazing and super moisturizing. Likewise the Exfolikate is my tried and true favorite exfoliator. Fabulous makeup picks as well such as that Urban Decay palette (another favorite). Great round up!

    xo Soo | http://www.BrownEyedToast.com

  • Tandya

    I love that this post reflects a wide range of products, from the affordable to the higher end products. I am personally a huge fan of La Mer products! I use the moisturizer every night after I cleanse my face! My cleanser is a little harsh, and the moisturizer keeps my skin, well, moisturized! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! XO

  • Amanda Smith

    Loved the review on all of these products! I’ve so been wanting to try that lip renewal! I saw someone post about it on IG yesterday and I’m so on board with that one! My lipsticks are always drying out my lips! I’ve also been wanting to try the La Mere too! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about that! Adding to my cart!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  • Such a great selection of products dear! I’ve heard so many great things about color pop and now reading your post make me want to go online and order a bunch and get different colors. I may just do that 🙂

    xx, Maryam

  • Shalini Acharya

    These are all such great selection of products. I have used the color pop eyeshadow and really like it. Although my favorite product is the La Mer moisturizer since it really moisturizes my dry skin. Thabks for sharing! xo shalini http://www.styledevotee.com

  • Gina Diaz

    All of these beauty products look so amazing! I would love to check them out and try some after reading your post! thanks for sharing, sweetie! xx, Gina

  • Lily

    Ahh your beauty favorites posts are my favorite! Call me weird, but I love looking at beauty products and reading about them online. I’d much rather do that than head down to a store. Thanks for the roundup babe! Xx

  • Wow, so many great products and you are so lucky to get to review them! I love La Mer, and was able to use the creme during the winter time to soothe my dry skin. It is so moist and rich, perfect to hydrate. I don’t wear a lot of makeup or fragrances myself, but I LOVE gawking at them in department stores.

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  • I’ve often wondered about the La Mer products, as they are so expensive! It sounds like it’s really worth it though. The Exfolikate sounds amazing too, I’ve heard lots of great things 🙂

    Rachel xx


  • I can’t believe I have not tried ANY of the products you listed LOL. I think I’m just a creature of habit and use what I use forever. I am dying to try La Mer thou – everyone just raves about it… My all time fave mascara is pretty much any by Korres – have you tried them before? The just make my lashes so long and defined and don’t irritate my super sensitive eyes.

  • OMG girl, you are so lucky to try so many amazing products in such a short time frame! Heard a lot of great things about the La Mer cream and now you have also confirmed that it’s worth every dime. As for the rest, the Urban Decay Fire Bird lipstick is one of my current faves! Love the intense shade. Have a great day! <3



    Thank you Katya for your feed I would try Creme La Mer You make me curious and I have a the dry skin too, especially in the winter or cold seasons.
    I wish to try also the Clarins mascara for volumizing up my lashes 😉 and I’m using the Pixie botanical mask and love the effect on my skin.

  • Ahh I love these round up posts. I actually have and love a few things on this list, like Essence 2in1 primer, Lamer cream, and the Too Faced melted matte (I have a diff shade though). One of the things I wanna try is the Viktor and Rolf Magic Liquid Diamonds, I love the Flowerbomb so I’m sure this one will be great too. i wanna try the lip mask as well, it’s always good to moisturize them lips!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  • Wow there are so many products in this post! You’ve definitely piqued my interest in a few. I would really like to try the gel lip mask (also, I’ve never even tried or heard of a lip oil before–it sounds brilliant). Also the vaseline body serum sounds terrific. I moisturize with oils sometimes too but not usually when I’m in a rush because I do worry about it staining my clothes! Also the way you described the Viktor and Rolf Liquid Diamonds fragrance was amazing, I definitely want to give it a try!

    xx freshfizzle

  • Jessie Li (4evajessie)

    I love your top picks! I’m such a loyal customer of La Mer and I love their soft cream. It’s like water for my skin 😉

    Xx Jessie

  • Vukosavljevic Ana

    Color Pop eyeshadows are really good! I would love to try UD blush pallette, colors are so beautiful!

  • Elif kadioglu

    Amazing picks! I have a dry skin too, especially in the winter. So I have to try Creme La Mer. And I am a mascara freak so will try the Clarins mascara! Thank you babe! xoxo Elif

  • Aw sweetie, loved all your selections, I would love to try Elizabeth Arden Liquid Lipstick in #08 Passionate Peach..
    Enjoy the weekend

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