How to Style a Fedora Hat

I recently realized that I have a few fedora hats in my collection but I rarely wear them. The issue is that I have way too many dresses in my wardrobe and a hat is not always the best accessory to style with a girly dress. I was thinking that some of you might experience the same issue so here comes my guide on how to style your Fedora hat with pieces that you already have in your collection.

Proper Outerwear

Since we are talking about styling a hat during the cold season, the most important moment to think about is the jacket you are wearing it with. Personally, I’m not a fan of furry short jackets so many people are styling a hat with. In my book, the best type of outerwear to style with a fedora hat is a coat. Nothing too colorful print-wise, but rather a classic black or camel coat. Such combo looks chic, effortless, and appropriate for any occasion!

The Contrast

It’s easy to style a black fedora hat with all black look, but that kind of combination looks a bit boring to me. To spice things up a little bit, I recommend picking at least one piece of clothing of a different color. For instance, for this look, I opted in for all black look, with exception of these khaki culottes. It’s still a classy and minimalistic piece, but combined with a hat it looks trendy and cool.

The Combo

Since Fedora hats are made out of wool, essentially it’s a cold weather accessory. Saying so, don’t try styling it with a pair of sandals — it might look cute in photos, but in reality, there is a major temperature disconnect between these pieces. Instead, try styling your hat with over the knee boots or cute ankle boots. No need to color-match them, the fact of wearing closed-toe shoes will totally do it.

* * * * *

There you have it: three of my favorite ways to style a classic fedora hat. Also in case you don’t have any hats in your collection, I recommend checking out the selection below. These hats feature unique details and come at a different price point. I wonder what was your favorite one from the roundup.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Culottes // Black Coat // Studded Boots // Chanel Bag // Turtleneck Top // Fedora Hat


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