Recent Fitness Dilemmas and Discoveries

Recent Fitness Dilemmas and DiscoveriesDisclosure: This post is sponsored by

As I mentioned before, September is certainly a self-care month for me, and fitness is an important part of this journey. Not only I’m living at the gym right now but I’ve been very open to the idea of trying new wellness products and trends. Today, I’m sharing some of my recent favorite discoveries in the field of fitness and wellness – as well as share some of the goodies from BabbleBoxx that I received just a few weeks ago.

Discovery #1: Sneakers for Running

For the longest time, my number one fitness dilemma was to find the right type of sneaker for running. Something that feels soft while your feet are touching the ground. But at the same time firm enough to keep my ankles away from trauma. And I guess my prayers have been heard when I found my Nike Epic React kicks. They feel soooo comfy on my high arch feet and I started enjoying my runs much more when I’m wearing them!

SHEFIT Ultimate Sports BraIn this shot, I’m wearing my Aeropex headphones from Aftershokz. These are open-ear headphones for runners (and music lovers). Get $50 off yours with the code BOOTCAMP50 that you can use through this link.

Discovery #2: Bra for Big Boobs Girls

Talking about running, if you are a big boob girl and a small rib cage like me (hey, 32DDD), finding the perfect bra for running is… let’s be real… almost impossible. But I found one! It’s SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra (make sure to follow the sizing guidelines – my regular sports bras are size S, but this one is in M and it fits perfectly).

 I call it “heavy-duty bra” because it does keep your girls in place no matter what exercise you are doing. The bra features adjustable velcro closures on the bottom and also on the strips – so you can control the length and wideness of the bra as you wish. And the main part is so sturdy and provides such full coverage that your boobs literally don’t move even a little bit when you are running.

Discovery #3: CBD Everything

My obsession with all things Lord Jones never ended as my Sunday CBD baths is a set in stone self-care ritual now. But I also started testing CBD for my smoothies and coffee. I can’t describe what exactly Manitoba Harvest Peppermint CBD Oil Drops are doing for me on a chemical level but it just feels good after I add it to my diet. I guess, overall sense of being at ease (without feeling high). Perhaps, that’s why my recovery time is getting better so I can work out harder and sleep deeper.

Recent Fitness Dilemmas and Discoveries

Discovery #4: Snacks Matter

It’s all about those carbs, man! I noticed the biggest difference in my body when I eliminated carbs from my meals and only eat them as snacks. That way, my snacks feel even more delicious and anticipated. Of course, the quality of your carbs matters too. When I need a little something after a late p.m. workout I’d go for a high-protein bar like One Bars – Almond Bliss or BalanceDiet Vanilla Wafers.

But when I’m craving something more… carbs oriented… I’ll go for something like Hemp Yeah! Dark Chocolate Cacao Bars or Manitoba Harvest Blueberry Hemp Yeah! Granola. These snacks have less protein and more carbs than the ones I mentioned above, but if your body is craving carbs you might as well deliver what’s needed. And oh boy these all-natural and full of nutritional goodness bars taste delicious!

Discovery #5: Great Booty Leggings

Honestly, I can’t stop raving about this last discoveries and already convinced a few of my friends to try those booty-enhancing leggings! These are from Victoria’s Secret’s Pink line and comes in many colors. In my humble opinion, the best booty-shaping and visual waist-shrinking effect are making these hot pink ones and black leggings options. Nothing more on it – everything you need to know you can see in pictures!

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These are just a few of my latest fitness product discoveries. I will keep you posted as I find or learn something else. Meanwhile, please feel free to share some of the wellness or fitness products that are changing your life. Let’s discuss in the comments!

This flavored water by Trader’s Joe is a great way to spice up your day. If you are too bored drinking regular water all the time, try this so-called “SPA water” that you can grab and drink on-the-go.

The future is here! This DNA test kit from Geno Palate helps to discover the best foods as well as a perfect nutritional proportion of carbs, fats, and proteins to create your own DNA-based meal plan. Use the code STYLESPRINTER to get $20 off your Geno Palate DNA Kit via this link.

I don’t eat meat and chicken for years, but I enjoy having these Healthy Choice power bowls when I don’t feel like cooking for my boyfriend :). These are grain-free, low carb options that you can quickly cook and call it a day. Super convenient!

It will come as no surprise for you but I love everything rose related in skincare. And this simple but efficient toner by Heritage Store is not an exception. I actually tried and used it for years before re-uniting it through BabbleBoxx – and I’m so happy about it!