For the Love of Bows and Rose


When it comes to jewelry, I’m never consistent. One day I’m wearing all of the bracelets I have in my collection, another one I’m too lazy to even put on earrings. I guess it really depends on the style of the outfit I’m selecting: some looks require an additional pop of style, while others entail simplicity in my accessory choices. Ever since I launched my line of pearl earrings, I’ve been trying to revamp my jewelry collection with some staple pieces and get rid of those never used jewels that get dusty in my draws.

One of such “new vision” pieces is this gorgeous bow bracelet by a London-based designer Sarah Ho (c/o). The moment I saw this exquisite piece on the website, I fell in love as I knew that it’s one of the pieces that I can style with absolutely any outfit. It’s one of those classic, elegant bangles that add a delicate accent to any ensemble and emphasize a feminine side of your look.

You probably noticed that rose gold jewelry is very trendy these days and I love the fact that the designer of this piece, Sarah Ho, incorporated the latest style with the timeless shape and the gemstone selection of this bracelet. Knowing my obsession with a preppy style and bows, it’s easy to understand why I also adore the shape of this phenomenal bangle: bow-inspired jewelry makes my heart race! Saying so, I already put my eye on the other pieces from Sarah Ho’s bow collection: this cute ring and this elegant pendant. I’ve heard that a classic rule for wearing jewelry is no more than three pieces at a time, so I need to have all three in my collection to follow the rule (what a nice excuse for shopping, right?).

Florabella Bow Bangle by Sarah Ho

Like with everything in fashion, I don’t only think about the design of a specific item I’m looking at, but also about the story that stands behind it. One of the reasons I feel so inspired by the Sarah Ho designs is because of the story that stands behind every piece that she creates. Every piece Sarah creates is very personal, somewhat poetic, and nostalgic which is a perfect combo for romantic people like me. I love telling and listening to stories and I appreciate the fact that each of Sarah’s jewels tells one.

As I mentioned before, I found Sarah Ho’s designs on the JewelStreet website, which is a marketplace for more than 200 luxury jewelry designers from across the globe. All of the pieces on the website are carefully curated which makes it easier to navigate as you already know that you are not going through the pages of “just okay” jewels, but discover the best of the best designs—all in one, very convenient to navigate the website.

Another crucial element of making the JewelStreet the jewelry destination in the online space is that it follows a “100% customer satisfaction” policy that entails a fast and insured shipping (which is super important when we are talking about jewelry) and a generous exchange/refund policy. Finally, if you are looking for a very special gift for someone in your life, you can also request a concierge service that will arrange a jewelry delivery to your door, at your convenience.

In other words, I’m so happy that I explored the beauty of the JewelStreet as now, on the eve of winter holidays, I know for sure where to look for holiday gifts. Whether it’s an elegant and timeless piece by one of the designers the website is collaborating with or made-to-order exclusive designs, JewelStreet is the destination for your holiday jewelry finds.

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  1. Rose Gold has to be my favourite jewellery trend.

    Posted 10.23.16 Reply
  2. Joshaunic Scott wrote:

    This dress looks amazing on you! I love the whole outfit.

    Posted 10.22.16 Reply
  3. Maria Jose Abad wrote:

    Adorable rose details and your eyelashes are unreal!
    MariaOnPoint | Find me on IG

    Posted 10.20.16 Reply
  4. Cristina wrote:

    When it comes to jewelry I think that less is more. Even though when I see people wearing a stack of bracelets or layered necklaces I always think it looks great, I don’t think it looks good on me. I’ve also developed a liking for minimal gold jewelry. Thin bracelets and rings look great!

    Posted 10.20.16 Reply