Friday Five: Choker Necklace

choker necklace

When I was a teenager growing up in Russia, choker necklaces were super popular due to their affordable price and universal appeal. I couldn’t find a photo of me wearing one, but—trust me—that’s the type of jewelry where my lunch money were going to. Even though I am feeling extremely nostalgic about this ’90s resurgence, I still didn’t have a chance to pick a choker necklace for myself. Well, I consider today’s episode of Friday Five series as the first step towards my reconnection with the trend of my teen ages. I wonder if you ever had a necklace like that when you were a teenager?

#1: Danielle Nicole ‘Shooting Star’ Tassel Open Choker ($59)

#2: Topshop Fabric Cut-Out Choker ($18)

#3: Vanessa Mooney Black Leather Choker with Arrowhead ($44)

#4: ASOS Fine Leaf Open Collar Choker Necklace ($14)

#5: Kendra Scott ‘Tristan’ Hinge Station Choker ($120)