Friday Five: Cozy Autumn Scarves

Cute Cozy Oversized Scarves for Fall 2014 My number one rule of feeling cozy in fall is to wear a beautiful (and soft!) scarf. In my opinion, this universal accessory helps fashionistas not only to stay warm during the cold season, but also diversifies casual fall outfits. I can proudly call myself a scarf addict, because I’ve acquired tons of these universal accessories through the years of working on my outfit collection. I own scarves that vary in tones and textures, sizes and styles, and I always make sure to wear each of these treasures at least once a season. In today’s Friday Five series post, I propose to you to explore all of the coziest scarves that will perfectly match your demi-season outfits.

#1: Kate Spade Snapdragon Pom Pom Scarf ($128)

#2: J.Crew Lemlem Bara Scarf ($99.99)

#3: Express Silky Wildflower Print Quad Scarf ($20.94)

#4: Roffe Accessories Pretty Polka Dot Scarf ($42)

#5: Calypso Andreana Wool Blend Fur Pom Pom Scarf ($525)