Friday Five: Slogan Hats

Slogan sunhats

Putting a slogan on a sunhat is such an easy idea, but it’s a really good one! In my humble opinion, straw hats with witty slogans on them are so incredibly fun and so Hamptons style. Well, at least that’s where I’m planning on wearing mine! While I was not able to make up my mind yet, I picked these five options for your critical review. Please let me know in the comment area below which of these hats you like the most so I can decide which one to pick. Also, are you planning on purchasing any straw hats for summer? What are some of your favorites?

ONE // Come Sail Away (just $26)

That’s my absolute favorite shape of the hat: not too big, not too small—just perfect! Also, it’s so affordable—just $26 with free shipping included!

TWO // Lovely (under $90)

I tried this hat at a store but decided to look for additional options online. While I found all the options you see in this post, I do feel like this hat might be the one. Isn’t it lovely?

THREE // Currently Offline

This hat is enormously big and so stylish—not to mention a very relevant for my situation slogan. I’ve been working like crazy lately and I could really use some time offline.

FOUR // I Wish You Were Here 

Sequins and summer were designed to go together! I love how the slogan is made out of blue sparkles instead of regular black ones—such detail makes this hat so much more special.

FIVE // Wow

This comics book hat is smaller than I usually prefer, but you can’t beat this cool Marvel-style design. My prediction is that this hat will be absolutely everywhere this season—I was thinking to become amongst the first people to pick up on this trend.

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