Friday Five: Student Agendas

Friday Five: Best Student Agendas 2014-2015The summer is almost over, and we are facing the beginning of the school semester next week. For me, this time of the year is very exciting because I love to shop for stationery and organizing accessories. I think that having nice journals, notebooks, and agendas is a fundamental key to success at school. If you surround yourself with beautiful things, studying would be much more fun! Today’s Friday Five series is dedicated to the student agendas as major tools to stay organized for college.

I know that many students switched from regular printed planners to calendars on their phones or other electronic devices, but I am very old school when it comes to studying: I always have a nice student agenda with me. I feel that it helps me to see my week in more detail, and I love the fact that I can jot things down in there by hand instead of clicking on an electronic keyboard (especially if we are talking about iPhone with its small keyboard). Also, a regular agenda is a great reminder that you need to do some homework.

In a search of a perfect student agendas I found the following five products that, from my point of view, are a very good investment. I hope that these bright and inspiring student planners will help you to succeed at school. Also, please let me know if you have any additional student agenda ideas on your wishlist, and share ideas with other Style Sprinter readers.

#1: Vera Bradley – Agenda in Clementine

#2: Chevron 18 Month Daily Student Agenda – The Year Sh*t Gets Done

#3: Kate Spade 17-Month Medium Agenda – Black Stripe

#4: Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo Agenda – Biggest Fan

#5: Jonathan Adler 17-Month Agenda 2014–2015