Get the Look: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence makeup tutorial

If there is one new actress that I’m totally adore is Jennifer Lawrence. Ever since her debut at The Hunger Games I kept an eye on this natural beauty. Her talent, her social media behavior, her acceptance of herself and her body. I think JLaw is one of the celebs so many people can relate to and I love that kind of down to earth people. I also love what her image makers are doing with Jennifer’s makeup and hair. All of the looks they create are so natural looking and so everyday friendly that I couldn’t resist of repeating one of them.

Before we begin, I have to say that this look is not a typical one for me as Jennifer and I have different eye structure. She has more of a hooded type of eyes while mine are rounded. However, this easy to repeat look that I selected for this episode of the Get the Look series seems to work for both of us.

To create this look, I used the following products:

Follow these steps to repeat this makeup look:

Step #1: To achieve Jennifer’s glowing look, start with a complexion enhancing primer by Smashbox. Spritz it on clean and moisturized skin and let it sit for a few seconds.

Step #2: Follow by a foundation applied with the help of a beauty blender that guarantees a more flawless application. For this look, I selected my all times favorite Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation in the shade Color Bone.

Step #3: Using the same beauty blender apply concealer that is a half shade lighter than your skin tone. That way you’ll be able to illuminate the under eye area and also correct any darkness.

Step #4: Set the under eye area with a loose powder. My current favorite is Bye Bye Pores by IT Cosmetics. Apply a generous amount of a product with the same beauty blender onto under the eyes area and let it sit for a few minutes.

Step #5: While your under eye area is setting, work on your brows. I used a spoolie and a dark brown pencil to brush and fill in the missing parts of my brows. The final look appeared a lot more refined than JLaw’s but it’s simply because my brows are not as bushy and full as Jennifer’s. Well, we have to work with what we have, right?

Jennifer Lawrence makeup tutorial

Step #6: After your brows are done, apply blush and highlighter. I love the Perfect Lighting Luminizer from It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Palette palette because it gives just enough glow that it not overwhelming.

Jennifer Lawrence makeup tutorial

Step #7: When it comes to eye makeup, there will be a few steps:

1. Start by applying a black eyeliner onto the bottom lash line. Try keeping the line as tiny as possible in the inner corners and make it expand toward the outer corners.

2. Apply the same eye pencil onto the upper lash line, but this time don’t bring the line all the way towards inner corners—stop in the middle of the eye.

3. Take a small angled brush (or a tiny blending brush if it works better for you) and blend thoroughly both upper and lower lash line.

4. Take a metallic light gold eyeshadow (ColourPop Eyeshadow in Birthday Girl) and apply it with a small blending brush onto the inner corners of the eyes towards the middle.

5. Pick a satin light brown eyeshadow (Puree from Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette) and apply it onto the outer corner of the eyes (so eyeshadow #1 and eyeshadow #2) meet each other in the middle of the eye.

Jennifer Lawrence makeup tutorial

6. Apply concealer under the brow to correct the brow line and also to create canvas for glitter eyeshadow.

7. Finally, pick a large blending brush and apply a tiny amount of glitter in the middle of the lid and towards the brows.

Step #8: Finish eye makeup by curling your lashes and applying your favorite mascara.

Step #9: Pick a pinkish shade of a moisturizing lipstick and apply it onto your lips (feel free to skip a lip liner). I actually used two shades mixed together to achieve a perfect shade of pink.

Jennifer Lawrence makeup tutorial

That was it for this Jennifer Lawrence inspired everyday makeup. Please let me know in the comments area below if you enjoyed this tutorials. Also, feel free to nominate your favorite celebrities so I can try recreating their looks in the next episodes of the Get The Look series.