Gifts for Him That He Will Actually Love and Use

Gifts for Him 2019 - Whiskey Decanter

People say that finding a gift for your mom is hard, but I strongly disagree. Maybe it’s just my mom whose taste I know almost like my own – but I sort of always know what my mom wants for holidays.

Another story is with my boyfriend who’s very hard to please when it comes to gifts. He seems to have everything he wants and needs – and he’s not a fan of gifts that end up collecting dust and not being used. Over the course of our relationships, I found a few gifts though that he truly enjoyed. I share these gift ideas for him with you – so it’s easier to pick a holiday gift for your significant other too.

Eravino Large Skull Face Decanter

Even though he’s not really drinking whiskey, having such brilliant drinkware set at display certainly made him happy. The set includes not only a decanter but matching shot glasses and a wooden tray. It’s certainly a great value and a perfect gift idea for a guy.

Gifts for Him 2019 - Caswell Massey Soap

Caswell Massey Soap Set

Generally speaking, guys are very simple when it comes to skincare and body care routines. So instead of trying to convince him that glycolic acid is what he misses in his life, get him something simple and luxurious – like a soap set by Casswell Massey – it’s all-natural and elegant too.

Gifts for Him 2019 - Bally Backpack

Bally Backpack

At first, he said it was too bouji for a minimalist kind of guy. But then he loved it. So much that he stopped wearing any other bags in his collection. I initially found this backpack at Bloomies – they often have sales there. But the original website hosts some amazing sales too – so definitely check out both.

BUDGET VERSION: Another great option – vertical device backpack by Moleskin. It’s also very simple and high-quality but the price point is significantly lower. 

Gifts for Him 2019 - Elemis Skincare Kit for Men

Elemis Travel Gift Set

If your significant other is into traveling, get him this handy travel-size gift set by Elemis. It’s a great beginner set for a beginner skincare junkie. And a perfect travel companion for any guy in your life. I’m sending the same gift to my dad and I know that he will truly enjoy it!

 Gifts for Him 2019 - UGGs Boots

UGG High-Top Boots

It took all of my emotional intelligence to convince him to get these super soft and cozy boots. And even more when I tried to explain that UGGs are supposed to be worn without socks. But it was all worth it. He’s happy and warm. And I’m happy as I proved myself that I’m a great negotiator.

Gifts for Him 2019 - Beats by Dre Headphones

Master Dynamics MW60 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

If you don’t know what to gift, headphones should be somewhere on top of the list. Every guy loves some sort of music – and you are here to improve his listening experience. And if your man is really into the quality sound, consider these luxurious headphones. These are as cool-looking and top-notch quality-wise as it gets.

BUDGET VERSION: Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones. He uses these stylish headphones as both ear warmers and headphones when it’s getting too cold in NYC. Also at the gym – who needs to deal with all the cords anyways?

* * * * * 

What was the number one gift that your man loved the most? Share your thoughts in the comments.