15 Best Gifts for Mom in 2019 – Holiday Gift Guide

15 Best Gifts for Mom in 2019 - Holiday Gift Guide

Finding a perfect holiday gift for your mom is not an easy task. You want something that fits her unique personality, something that will continue making her happy for years to come, and something that she can use often and always remember about you. Keeping my mom in mind and her taste in all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, I came out with the list of 15 best gifts of 2019 for your mom that I personally believe she will really enjoy.

Naked Cashmere Slippers // Furry slippers are so out as cashmere ones are notably cozier to wear. Also, how could you resist these cute pom-poms on the top? I’ll take them in all colors, please!

Monica Vinader Bracelet // That’s one of the jewelry lines I’m personally obsessed with and I don’t know a woman who doesn’t appreciate the simplicity, chicness, and timeless of this stackable bracelet. A must-have for sure!

Lafayette 148 Scarf // This timeless piece will be a perfect addition to both everyday and special occasions. It will keep your mom warm if she wears it as a two-piece or just spice up any look (and for any weather) if she is choosing to wear just a silk part.

L’Object Salt and Pepper Shakers // Sometimes serveware looks so stunning that it makes an entire table look like an art gallery. And this set is one of such pieces. Very unique looking, very functional, and just so overall fabulous!

Agate Cheese Board // This beautiful natural stone board will elevate any table set-up! If your mom loves hosting this stylish table accessory will make any get-together so much cuter.

Diptyque Lucky Charm Candle Carousel // Talking about candles, this one is a completely new level! Not only it features the brand’s signature chic home scents, but the carousel also turns when the candle is lit up.

USB Rechargeable Lighter // Together with a candle, I recommend gifting this fantastic electric lighter. It’s very elegant and could use it over and over again by recharging it.

Silk Pillowcase // Changing all the pillowcases in my house to silk ones was one decision that immediately improved my sleeping routine. You could do the same for your mom – so she sleeps on luxurious feeling pillows like a queen that she really is!

Alexis Bittar Earrings // All moms love this jewelry designer and you just can’t go wrong with picking a pair of earrings or a bracelet by the brand. These pieces are so unique and special, she will love them for sure!

Amore Pacific Time Response Kit // I’ve been raving about the brand’s Time Response Collection for so many years and I’ll repeat it again. With age, our skin is getting thinner and drier so it’s always a great idea to nourish it with a luxurious mask ritual followed by one of my most favorite moisturizers in the world!

Tory Burch Gemini Tote // Moms are busy… and the busier they get the bigger handbag they need to accommodate all the essentials. Why not gift your mom a cute one that will fit all the essentials.

Clean Reserve Solar Bloom Fragrance // The. Best. Fragrance. I Tried. This. Year! That’s why your mom needs it too. It’s timeless, made out of clean ingredients, and sustainably produced – win-win-win in my book for sure!

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter // Whether it’s your mom or a gift for yourself, I can’t stop recommending this fabulous light-reflecting primer. It looks so natural and adds just a bit of healthy dewiness and glow to your skin – I’m personally obsessed with it.

Jonathan Adler Vase // Gift it together with flowers – so your mom could enjoy the beautiful vase even when the blooms are dead. Or subscribe your mom to a monthly bouquet subscription to justify constant use of the vase!

Maggie Louise Confections Chocolate Box // Finally, there’s no better gift than old good chocolate. But since the holiday season is a very special occasion, why not making it designer chocolate? Especially when it not only tastes but also looks so incredible?