The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Drink

Chocolate, roses, heart-shaped plush toys, romantic outfits… Valentine’s Day is around the corner which means it’s about time to think about the proper drink for the occasion. If you ask me, the ultimate Valentine’s Day drink is not some sort of cocktail with an unpronounceable name, but rather champagne—an elegant beverage that is so perfect for having romantic toasts with! This season, I’m especially excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day as I just explored the cutest champagne packaging of all time. I’m talking about the glitter collection by One Hope Wine that combines two most romantic things in one—delicious sparkly wine and obsession-worthy glitter design.

Depending on your color preferences, there are a few bottle designs of One Hope glitter wines that you could choose from. You will find Gold Shimmer and Rainbow Glitter designs in my photos, but there are also Silver Glitter, Gold Glitter, and a special edition Red Glitter bottles. There are also smaller bottles available, also artfully covered in sparkles, in case you are celebrating Galentine’s Day with your girls and want to have an individual mini bottle for each of you.

But if there are just two of you, consider the ideas below on how to make your glitter champagne night even more special.

First, think about food and drink pairings. Chocolate and champagne is a classic Valentine’s Day combo, but why not thinking outside of the box and picking even more romantic food? Think about chocolate covered strawberries or dried fruit that make your special day even sweeter. I also love adding real fruit in my champagne glass so it gets an even more interesting flavor. If you prefer ice, perhaps it makes sense to try adding berries in your ice form—just to spice things up a little bit. Finally, there is nothing wrong about adding candy in your champagne flute—whether it’s heart-shaped candy or just any color-themed candy of choice.

Then, don’t forget about proper glassware. A classic champagne glass is a flute, an elegant tall glass with a tiny handle. But you could also use coupe glasses (these look super cute if decorated with cotton candy) or stemless champagne glasses for a more casual look. Don’t stop on picking appropriate glassware though – try adding even more personality to your Valentine’s Day table set up by adding a ribbon bow to your champagne glasses. Since we are specifically talking about glitter champagne, sparkly ribbons work the best.

Finally, a few words about ice for chilling your Valentine’s Day champagne. You could go a regular route and just use ice cubes that you have in your fridge. Alternatively, try freezing ice cubes with glitter or rose petals in them. Such DIY project literally takes a few seconds to accomplish, but you’ll be surprised how much more special your holiday set-up will look like after implementing this change.

* * * * *

There you have it: a few ideas on how to make your Valentine’s Day celebration even more special. I wonder what is your beverage of choice for the most romantic holiday of the year?