Gold and Glitter

HM Blue Flared Dress

I might not be the girl who loves sparkly clothing, but when it comes to shoes and bags—I am all in for glitter. In my humble opinion, gold accessories bring a luxurious touch to any, even the most simple, clothing. Take, for instance, this very inexpensive trapeze dress by H&M. At any other situation, it would be just another casual outfit that you would wear to run errands. But style it with a pinch of gold & glitter and here comes your effortless chic and affordable attire.

When it comes to accessories, I would recommend picking no more than three pieces of a similar shade. As you see in these photos, I am wearing a glitter clutch, gold sandals, and earrings with golden details. Imagine that I add one more glitter piece—it would look like I am trying too hard. The same rule goes for glitter makeup. It’s totally fine to wear it solo, but when you combine it with glittery accessories, it is a bit too much.

Finally, there are a couple of colors that work particularly well in a combination with gold. I put together a mini inspiration board that will help you to top the glitter styling game. You can also follow along my Pinterest board dedicated to gold & glitter style inspiration.

Russian Fashion Blogger New YorkDSC_1419-STYLE-sprinter-Katya-Bychkova-NYC_©2015-Vital-Agibalow.jpgZang Toi Golden SandalsHM Flared Dark Blue DressDSC_1423-STYLE-sprinter-Katya-Bychkova-NYC_©2015-Vital-Agibalow.jpg

H&M Flared Dress (similar) // Aldo Soldano Clutch (also love this one)
Zang Toi Golden Sandals (also love those) // Photos by Vital Agibalow