Good Girl, Bad Habit

Pink Off-Shoulder H&M Dress

I confess: I have a horrible for a fashion blogger habit to remove tags from my clothes. As a result, sometimes I cannot remember when and where I purchased a certain piece. I am forced to make an extra effort googling unlabeled pieces of clothing every time I am planning to blog about them, and just recently found a solution that helps me to keep my bad fashion habit in control. 

I noticed that for certain people labels and signature prints are sometimes more important than the piece of clothing itself. I am sure all of you know people that are so obsessed with their Burberry coats lining that they never miss an opportunity to flash it in public. For me, the value of clothes has nothing to do with the tag attached to it. Don’t take me wrong: I am really into big fashion names, but I might be similarly in love with an inexpensive piece. The main point here: no matter how expensive or cheap the piece, I always remove all tags.

Off-Shoulder Pink Dress, White Pearls Necklace

Another concern is that I often experience problems with dry cleaners. Since I remove all cleaning directions from my clothes, most of the dry cleaners agree to provide their services on my own risk only. Needless to say how many wonderful pieces were lost or irrevocably damaged because of my bad fashion habit.

Recently, I’ve got an idea how to deal with my bad habit without making any sacrifices. I started to take photos of all pieces purchased and the tags attached to them prior to cutting away these itchy and annoying labels. I save all these photos in a separate folder on my iPhone so I don’t need to scroll through the my images while looking for a specific tag. I also consider cataloging all clothes in my collection together with labels and save them as one file in Evernote, but it seems to take a lot of time and thus I postpone this idea until later.

Gold Arlee Pump by Enzo Angiolini

What are your bad fashion habits? How do you handle them? Are you interested in reading about the rest of my bad fashion habits? If so, please let me know and I will reveal my top five bad fashion habits.

Katya Bychkova Fashion Blogger, Style Sprinter