Governors Ball 2018 Outfit (Yay, I Saw Eminem!)

Governors Ball 2018 - Blogger Style

I was never a festival kind of girl and crowds are sort of freak me out, but the Governors Ball 2018 that I attended over the weekend was the best thing that ever happened to me! It was cold, pouring raining, glitter from my hair was melted on my clothes but I truly had a blast. I mean, I’ve been waiting to see Eminem live for 20 years (oh man, I’m feeling old!) and it finally happened!

For starters, I’ve been the biggest fan of Eminem ever since he recorded his first album. It was not common for a Russian girl to be that into hip-hop, but I lived and breathed his music and never missed a song. Needless to say, I always wanted to attend Eminem’s concert—but living in Russia, it was close to impossible kind of dream. Even when I moved to the U.S. around 10 years ago, it was not easy to track his concert—he doesn’t tour much and if he does tickets always sell out in a matter of minutes. I was super lucky not only to have the opportunity to attend the concert but also to see Eminem in New York!

I remember telling my boyfriend that Eminem is the only artist I’m ready to wait for in any weather—and I was so right at the moment we went on the stage, it started pouring. Luckily, Ben got a hoodie for me earlier that day as I was freezing (FYI, they only had XXL size left so the hoodie was more like a blanket for me) and this hoodie literally saved my life. Crushed between not-so-sober people and soaking wet, somehow, I managed to get out of the comfort zone and enjoy the performance.

There was a lot to enjoy! For his Governor’s Ball performance, Eminem invited his friend 50 Cent (one of my favorites too!) as well as other musicians that performed some of my favs, Stan, Lose Yourself, and Love the Way You Lie. People were screaming, waving, and dancing—and I felt so overwhelmingly happy that my dream finally came true. I also had a soul-searching moment where I thought that never in my life I could imagine being there—so I promised myself to dream bigger and aim higher.

At this point, you probably got the idea: I loved-loved-loved the time at the Governor’s Ball 2018 and it was more about the experience than how I looked. I did pull out a few super cute (in my opinion) pieces like this new Bershka body and a fanny pack, paired with my Modern Vice boots and Rumba sunnies.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Bershka Bodysuit // Frame Jeans
RumbaTime Sunglasses // Happiness Boutique Necklace
Modern Vice Boots // Festival Glitter

Governors Ball 2018 - Blogger StyleGovernors Ball 2018 - Blogger Style


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