3 Sneaky Ways to Add More Volume to Your Hair

3 Sneaky Ways to Add More Volume to Your Hair

Being a girl with naturally straight and fine hair, one of the hair struggles I’m dealing with on a daily basis is how to add a bit more texture to my naturally sleek and flat hair. Granted: ever since I cut my hair short, the issue is not that pressing as it used to be when my long curls would get flat the moment I leave the house, but even having a long bob it’s oftentimes a challenge to add more texture to my hair. Luckily, over the years of hair experiments I finally figured 3 tested and proved methods that really help to turn my flat hair into a voluminous “do.”

Sneaky Way #1: Use the “Secret Sauce” Shampoo

Over the years of trying to get my hair look voluminous, I went through bottles and bottles of shampoos promising to add unbelievable volume to my hair. But we all know how it is with beauty products: you sort of feel that the product helps, but it could also be you wishing that it helped. Let me put it straight: from all the trials I’ve done, there were just a few shampoos that really add volume – and my absolute favorite from this list is Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing Paste. You need just a tiny amount of this product to immediately notice the difference in the texture of your hair. Not only your hair more voluminous from the roots to the ends, it’s also so much easier to style! Even though the product is luxuriously priced, I can’t recommend this shampoo enough!

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Sneaky Way #2: Crimp Your Roots

If you remember the crimped hair trend from the 1980s, hold on with skipping this tip. There is actually a new super effective way to use the same crimping technique to add mega volume to your hair. If you remember from Instagram, I recently tested Voloom’s hair lifting tool Rootie. Basically, you just crimp the roots of the under-layers of the hair and cover crimpy hair with a layer of straight hair on top. I was surprised how effective this seemingly easy technique actually is: since you can’t really see the underneath layer, you don’t need to be very precise like, for instance, with a flat iron. So, I just quickly crimp-crimp-crimp, cover with a layer of non-styled hair and go. Easy, voluminous, and not looking overly “done.” Take a look at the below video to see the tool in action!

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Sneaky Way #3: Dry and Texturize

A few years ago I mentioned the dry shampoo trick that I created as a way to remove oil and add volume to my hair. Basically, the idea is to apply dry shampoo before taking a shower and put a granny-style shower cap to “marinate” the product in your hair. I still use the exact same tip between the washes. It seems like beauty brands never stop inventing new amazing products because I finally found the product that does it all! While Eva NYC Zero Gravity Volume Powder doesn’t claim to work as a dry shampoo, it sort of works this way for me. I add a bit of this powder to my roots and enjoy the most voluminous hair ever. It especially works great for the days when I’m wearing curls—I’m just so obsessed with this product!

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There you have it: my top 3 sneaky and out of the box strategies for adding volume to my flat and fine hair. I hope that at least one of those tips was helpful for you. Please let me know in the comments if you use any cool and unique tips and tricks for adding volume to your hair. I’m so excited to hear all of your ideas!