How to Refresh Your Home for Spring

How to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by HD Home. All opinions are my own.

It’s that time of the year, ladies! While wintertime felt incredibly cozy and relaxing in my apartment, with the change of the season I started to look through the magnifying glass on all the décor in my apartment. And while I don’t really need to invest in new furniture or accomplish any major home renovations, I do feel the need to refresh my home for spring.

Today I’m collaborating with Home Depot to share with you some of my spring décor tips and tricks. In case you haven’t heard yet, the brand just introduced the HD Home section to their website where you can shop for home decor items. It’s a super convenient addition to their bestselling home improvement selection – so you can shop everything in one place and even receive free shipping on orders over $45.

Now, when you know what HD Home is all about, let’s dive into the ways to refresh your home for spring. Hope these will inspire you to get your house a little makeover too!

How to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Layer Your Rugs

This home décor update has been on my mind for the longest time. We have a very high-quality wool rug in the living room, but I was not the one who picked it and I never actually liked it. Even though it matches the interior, I’m SO ready to upgrade it. The problem is that my boyfriend seems to have an emotional attachment to that rug so I figured I can keep the rug and just layer a few additional ones on top.

If you are in a similar situation or just need an easier to wash rug to put on top of the one you already have, Home Depot has a huge selection of all types of rugs and mats. I’m personally thinking of getting a jute rug as it works with our elevated rustic style living room. Since our area rug already has a print on it, we need a neutral rug to layer with and a lightweight jute rug seems like a great match.

If your rug situation is the opposite (aka you have a neutral rug and want to spice it up a bit), consider putting a cowhide on top for a fun twist. Or think about adding a patterned rug that will match the dimensions of the room and not overpower the rest of the décor in that room.

How to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Refresh Your Pillow Collection

I learned a long time ago that one of the quickest ways to update your room is to add some colorful pillows. It’s not that much of an investment if you just get new pillow cases – but the results truly speak for itself.

Last season, I picked up a few fur pillows for my couch and these made our living room so much cozier. For the spring-summer season, I’ll be getting some colorful options or the printed ones with bows, perfume bottles, and puppies. You know, just a little something to make my living room a bit more girly.

How to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Declutter Your Kitchen

I don’t know why but I always start home decluttering process from the kitchen. Living in New York City I can’t say that I am an avid cook but it’s important for me to have every kitchen utensil in place if I happen to be in a mood for cooking.

You probably already heard about my recent dishware updates – it’s all by Villeroy & Boch, of course! But what I haven’t shared yet is my kitchenware upgrades. Basically, I went through every pot and pan I have in my house, donated some of the ones I’ve never used and properly displayed the ones I’m using all the time.

It took me an entire day to do finish my kitchen decluttering project, but when it was finished, I felt so much more inspired to cook more often!

How to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Switch Your Blanket

For winter, we have a cute fuzzy blanket which my puppy Lilusik simply adores. However, I feel that it’s a little too warm for the summer season, so we are switching our “furry blankey” to a new, light shades cashmere one. Not only cashmere blankets are incredibly pleasant to touch, but these also take less space and look more appropriate during the warmer season.

I’ve seen people investing in cotton blankets too and these could look similarly stylish and chic. When it comes to cotton blankets, we actually have a few as we use them as duvet insert during the warm season. These are not too hot to sleep under during summer and I love that they provide a bit of weight, so you don’t feel like you are sleeping under a sheet only.

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Pick Your Home Scent

I wrote so many times about the importance of picking a home scent but if you didn’t get the memo yet, consider doing it now. What I mean by your signature home scent is that ideally, all areas in your house should smell the same.

In order to accomplish that, I recommend picking a few candles to find your signature home scent first and then invest in an entire collection of candles for your house.

Most of the candle brands offer the same scent in different candle sizes so you can mix and match which candle goes where. For instance, I personally prefer styling larger candles on my coffee table, I pick candles that you can display in candle holders in my living room, in the bedroom I love using an oil diffuser, and for the bathrooms, I pick smaller candle jars.

Another fun idea is to layer your candle scents, but this is a bit more advanced strategy. I recently wrote about the two candle scents I love layering together so perhaps you can find some inspiration in that post too.

How to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Invest in Good Curtains

We have a pretty uncommon ceiling height in our apartment, so it was a challenge to find the right type of curtains for our house. But when it finally happened, I immediately understood what it means when people say that a good set of curtains will refresh an entire room. It was one of those final touches that made our apartment appear more finished and elevated.

Now, when we are all set with window treatments, it’s time for us to research the shades options. Our living and bedroom are very sunny which is good and bad. Good because there is nothing better than enjoying the sunlight throughout the day and bad because it could get quite bright during the nighttime.

In other words, even though we are already having a full set of curtains, we will be updating our windows with blackout shades. You know, just to have options when it comes to sleeping in complete darkness or let the sunshine come through.

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There you have it: some of my ideas on how to update your house for spring. As I mentioned before, I highly recommend checking out the HD Home section to see all the exciting home decor items they have to offer. I also look forward to hearing what are some of the home decor projects are you working these days. Let’s continue the conversation in comments.

How to Refresh Your Home for Spring